Day Seven England Trip Report

Thursday we woke up in time to catch the tube to Kings Cross again as we had a Harry Potter themed walking tour to meet there at Platform 9 3/4.

When we booked this trip I had originally wanted to do the HP Warner Brothers thing but like an idiot I slept on getting the tickets.

I have this thing with travel plans where I get very gung ho at first and then anxiety sets in and I kind of shut down and don’t want to do any planning anymore until a certain point when the trip is almost upon us and then I get into high gear planning mode again. It’s stupid and I hate it, but I haven’t figured out how to fix my brain about it yet.

At any rate that’s what happened with the Warner Brothers thing. I figured it would kind of be like Disney and tickets would always be available but by the time I tried to get some, they were completely sold out for the entire time we were going to be there.

I was really bummed about it but only had myself to blame. The walking tour was a poor man’s substitute for that but it did save us a couple hundred bucks at least.

It was run by a very nice fellow named Richard who led us all around the city looking at filming locations and spots that were inspirations for places in the books.

It was all very enjoyable and I really liked the tour guide. He was super into it and made it all fun and interactive for the whole group.


The tour that I booked came with vouchers for a “magical afternoon tea” but we had to tube it across town to get there and because the tour ran a bit long we ended up being late.

It was still very cute and enjoyable, but we didn’t get the whole experience. However it was honestly geared more towards children so I don’t think we missed too much. The tea treats were all quite yummy at any rate.



It had been a very busy day so we were glad to get back to the hotel.

Rob started to feel crummy again so I offered to go get some take out for us for dinner.

We had both been wanting to try the pub across the street, and with all the walking we had done that day we felt justified in some pub food so I headed over to see if I could get some take out. I checked in the pub but they didn’t do take out.

I searched up and down the block for pubs and found some but when I checked their google pages before going in, none seemed to offer takeaway so I texted Rob who sensed my frustration and said he wanted Chinese from that place down from our hotel again so I went back and picked it up.

That place had been super sweet to him the night we had picked up the food before and they were again to me when I got this round of take out. We ended up eating from there again the next morning when Rob wanted fried rice just because they are the type of really friendly small business we like to show our appreciation to and the food was really yummy. If you happen to be near Kilburn Street, I highly recommend them: Flaming Wok & Grill.

After eating my weight in noodles, rice and chicken it was time to call it a night.

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