HRT Diaries – Day Five

Welp, I got my period yesterday.  This is the first time my period has been on time in MONTHS, possibly a year.

Woke up this morning at four with a pain in my lower left side on the front.  I thought it was gas so I got up and went to the bathroom but I didn’t have any gas.  I fell back asleep and when I woke up again with my alarm I felt the pain a bit, but not that bad.

As I was doing my workout, certain moves would aggravate it so I went easy on those.  One move in particular caused and sharp stabbing pain so I stopped doing that all together.

When I laid down to do floor work, I pressed down on the area with my hands and it was definitely tender.  Like, if this had all been on my right side, I would have gone to Urgent Care because it was checking all the boxes for appendicitis.

So I’m pretty sure I have an ovarian cyst.

Do I think that the hormones could have caused one in five days?  Who can say for sure, but I doubt it.  Either way, I’ll watch it and see.

I’m not sleeping great.  I’m having a harder time falling asleep than normal, but once I get there I’m usually okay until three.  That’s been the time I wake up for no reason, but that’s nothing new.  That’s been happening for about a year now.

It’s hard to judge anything right now because of my period.  Once that goes away I’ll evaluate again and post more, but I wanted to just make an update.

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