HRT Diaries – Day Three

Welp, I was an emotional wreck this morning at the slightest inconvenience at work.

I had two unexpected things fall into my lap that would have disrupted what I had on my schedule today and they were fairly urgent things so I would have been rushed on them(something I despise on a good day).

I panicked and dissolved into tears, berating myself for starting the hormones when I would need to keep my wits about me and clearly couldn’t.

About ten minutes later, both issues resolved themselves without my help and I was mortified at how severely I had overreacted and fell apart.

Again, I’m still not 100 percent sure this isn’t just PMS because that is how bad it gets in peri menopause for me, but it could be a bit of both.

I took some Theanine and I was better the rest of the day but I wasn’t faced with anymore challenges either.

Again, my workout was amazingly good today. Felt great doing it and would have kept going if I had time.

I have not been sleeping well. Well, I sleep okay when I get there, but it seems falling asleep isn’t as easy as it has been.

For reference, I am taking estrogen and progesterone at night before bed and then DHEA in the morning as I get out of bed.

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