HRT – The Journey Begins

I know it’s been a minute since I updated with anything of substance.  This could pretty much just be a travel blog at this point, and not a very good one as I never seem to finish my trip reports.

However, I think this is the appropriate place to track my progress on my Hormone Replacement Therapy journal.  I debated putting this on my weight loss blog, because I talk a lot about my menopause struggles on my Youtube channel, but it just didn’t seem to fit there so here we are.

Besides, I journaled about by withdrawal from anti-depressants here so this seems to follow in that theme.

So I’ve been struggling with Peri-menopause for quite some time.  Longer than I think I knew about because no one tells you this shit when you hit your mid 30’s into your 40’s and you  just think you are slowly losing your mind.

I shudder to think about how women got by 20 or even 10 years ago with no real knowledge of what was happening to their own bodies and minds.  At least now we have social media that, despite all of it’s shortcomings, has been a great help to me as far as identifying what is going on with me.

I fought hormone therapy for a very long time because my old boss (a holistic type doctor) had nothing but bad things to say about it, but now I feel the time has come to at least give it a shot.

A couple months ago I googled bioidentical hormones and I was brought to a website where they provide you with essentially a teledoc visit in the form of a questionnaire and then prescribe you some bioidentical hormones from there.

I got those hormones two months ago and have been too scared to try them until now.

Mostly because everything I have been reading says they will cause major bloating and I had two vacations I wanted to go on where I wanted to wear a bathing suit and I’m vain as fuck so there’s that.

I took my first dose on Friday night and it is now Sunday afternoon.

Too soon to tell I’m sure but I *did* notice that my workouts both yesterday and today went REALLY well.  Like, I felt fantastic during and after the exercise (I’m paying for it now as I’m sore as hell).

I was thinking that I felt slightly less moody yesterday.  Definitely more productive as I cleaned my house (had to, the nephews are coming) and got a lot of shit done that I’ve been putting off.  Moreover, I didn’t have that feeling of being overwhelmed by the thought of doing those said things when they would pop into my brain.

The better mood didn’t stick however as I’ve been cranky as fuck today, but I’m also due to start my period (meaning I SHOULD start my period in less than a week but I’ll actually start it anywhere from two weeks later while still have the raging PMS the whole time until it starts).  Like, I went to start this post only to see that I never finished my England Trip Report so I started to do that only to get so incredibly pissed off at my slow ass internet that I wanted to chuck my laptop out the window.  *Sigh*

One other thing to note is that I have a slightly upset stomach currently and I rarely get those…

Anyhoo, we will see how it goes, but I wanted to set this up as a place to chronicle my journey and see how it goes.  Wish me luck.

ETA 6:52 pm

Felt uncomfortable all afternoon. Both physically and mentally. Had mild stomach pains and anxiety for the first time in a while.

Total opposite of how I felt yesterday. Not productive and feeling pretty ick.

Dreading going into work tomorrow and all I can think of is my vacation that’s almost two months away.

Feel bloated but I can’t tell if that’s real, the food I ate, or psychosomatic.

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