1st full day in Maine 2019

We were supposed to be at mom’s at eleven this morning to take her out for a full day of appointments and shopping.
Yeah, that didn’t happen.
When I woke up for the final time at 10:30, I rolled over and told my husband the time and that we were going to be late and also that I didn’t care because were were on vacation.

I then got up  and puttered around the BNB.

Called mom and told her we were going to be late and that I would call her when we were on our way out the door.

Putted around some more and we finally got showered and got to Mom’s around one in the afternoon.  Hey man, I’m on vacation okay???

We got to Mom’s and got her squared away in the car.  We took a trip to our credit union to pull out money for both of us and then headed to the one musician shop we know of in Augusta to get Rob a set of strings for the guitar he left at moms that broke string while we were gone.

Next was getting mom’s blood drawn.  This is so Maine to me, but it was a Quest Diagnostics that was attached to a local pizza joint.  “Hey Marge, I just got my cholesterol reading done, let’s go split a pepperoni!”

Then we got ourselves some Dunkin Coffee and headed out for her foot doctor.  We were there for about a half an hour and the doctor and I chopped it up over flying and hereditary webbed toes.  He was a pretty funny guy.

Next stop, Walmart.  Mom needed to do her monthly shopping and we were ready willing and able.  Who knew a 75 year old woman could wear us out so fast??

After that we headed back to her apartment.  This was a lot of excitement for her in one day and quite frankly for us as well.  We hung out for a few minutes and then headed back to the BNB with our stuff we bought.

I have spent the last couple of hours painting my nails and snacking while my husband has been playing guitar.  Soon we will eat and hit the hay.

Dang we take interesting vacations, don’t we??

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