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Day One In Vegas

We left the house around seven fifteen in the evening. Not as early as we would have liked but with my new schedule at work it was all we could do.

We made our traditional stop in Wickenburg, AZ at the Basha’s there to get munchies and some sandwiches since we were starving. Also we picked up four gallons of water. We learned long ago not to drink the water in Vegas.

We ate the sandwiches in the car and then headed back out. I was dead tired but no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t get to sleep.  I fear the days of sleeping in the car for long stretches on road trips might be a thing of the past for me.   Another stop, this time  in Kingman for gas and then we were onto the final leg of the trip where I finally did manage about a fifteen minute nap.

We stopped at the Hoover Dam to put the top down on the Mustang.  I didn’t matter that it was freezing.  We had a convertible and we were going to experience it in all it’s glory!  Shivering a little we made our decent into my favorite city in the world.

We checked into the Four Queens in downtown Vegas and headed up to our room. I was so tired at that point that I wasn’t into the whole Vegas mood. This happened to me last visit but I shook it off then. I figured I would do the same this trip once I had a few drinks in me but the opposite happened.  My stomach started to turn on me.

Rob figured I just needed to walk around so we went downstairs to the nickel palace. I got a mai tai and settled down at a Price Is Right machine, but the price was clearly wrong.  Ten dollars quickly donated to the Las Vegas economy.  I moved over to a Press Your Luck machine and Rob took a seat next to me on a Let’s Make A Deal slot. We both got some bonus rounds but it was still twenty dollars gone too soon for me.

Rob went off to get a drink and I sat down at a Regis machine. Ireally liked it. I put in Ten and got a lot of play off of it. Rob came back and also had luck on the Regis machine next to me, cashing out ten bucks ahead.

I was finally feeling better so I told Rob while he waited for his hopper change I was going to go up to the room and use the bathroom. Strangely enough, as soon as I got back up to the room I started to feel sick again. It was about 80 degrees in our room. We know the deal with this particular tower at the Four Queens because we have stayed in this tower before in the winter and it was explained to us that they shut off the air conditioning in this tower during the season and apparently crank the heat. Rob came back up and we took the window off the hinges so we could get some fresh air.

He convinced me that I needed to get out again so we went down to Fitzgerald’s next door. I held down a Monopoly nickel game while he tried twenty on blackjack.  Overall I just wasn’t enjoying myself. It was boiling in there and I wasn’t feeling good so after losing twenty more dollars we went back up to the room.

Rob got some food from Magnolia’s downstairs so I ate some and went to bed.

I woke up at two this afternoon and feel decidedly better having gotten a lot of sleep.  Not a great start to the trip but who knows?  Maybe our luck will change.

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