Drive By Number Two

So last night we had another fucking drive by shooting. Yes. Kelly is pleased by this, can you tell?? I would have never put it together and it may have nothing to do with it, but Rob pointed out today that the last time this happened it was raining a lot just like last night.

At any rate, Rob didn’t have to fill out a report this time and the cops didn’t seem to concerned with him other than to ask if he lived here and what he saw. When he told him that he was in the house and heard the shots and that was it the cop kind of turned away and didn’t care anymore. The only info he got was that they found shell casings and that one bullet struck one of the Monte Carlo cars in the driveway.

I had a major freak out and the bottom line in the end was that Rob said he would move if I REALLY wanted to but that we really can’t afford it. I know this, I really do, but DAMN! For four years we lived on this street with no problems. Sure this house would play their music loud on the weekends when they had their parties but that never bugged us. We’ve been known to crank our stereo while cleaning the house or what have you…but still two shootings in two months.


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