Dysmenorrhea strikes again!

dysmenorrhea-painfulToday was kinda shitty as far as days go.
I woke up with cramps. I dragged my crampy ass out of bed and took some Advil and headed back to bed.  I managed to fall back asleep, but when my alarm went off, the cramps were still there.
For some history on my cramps and my diagnosis of Dysmenorrhea click here.
Rob and I were supposed to carpool for the first time in forever, so I got myself ready very slowly while trying to pretend I was fine. We were short staffed at work and I didn’t want to add to the problem, so I tried to fake it.
Rob knows me better that than and around 8:10 he was telling me to just call in and go back to bed. I figured that I would be fine once the additional Advil I had taken kicked in so I said I was going into work but we should take separate cars just in case.
I left early and stopped at Kasey’s for ginger ale because the nausea was starting to hit. I drank some and opened all the windows to let the cold air blast on me on the way to work. Once I got there, I thought I would be okay but as soon as I parked my car, my mouth started to water and I got that nasty feeling that says: “You are about to throw up, you might want to get to a bathroom, STAT!”
I ran into the office, into the bathroom and tossed my cookies. Mostly the water and ginger ale I had drank that morning.
I felt better if a bit shaky, so I made my way to my desk where I fired up my computer and drank a bit more ginger ale.
It wasn’t long before it became apparent I was not going to be okay. My goal was to at least get through the morning breaks and hopefully lunches, but I couldn’t do it.  The nausea and the pain were just too much and I knew I had to get home while I was still able to drive myself.  This was not my first rodeo with cramps the ill effects they have on me. 
I told my supervisor I had to go home and she understood. I felt horrible, but honestly there was nothing I could do short of run to the bathroom to puke ever few minutes.  My past experience with these cramps told me that I needed to sleep.  Sleep is the only thing that can stave off the nausea and vomiting once it has started.
I drove home and got in my PJ’s.  I barfed again and drank some more ginger ale.  I ate half of a cracker and tried to lay down.
Nope.  Up for another round with the toilet, but there was nothing left but a little bit of ginger ale and cracker to come up.  I made my way back to the bed, exhausted from the heaving and eventually fell into a hard sleep.  I didn’t wake up until three in the afternoon.
Once I did, I went to the bathroom and then evaluated how I felt.  The cramps and extreme nausea were gone, but I still felt kind of sketchy and shaky.  I made myself a slice of toast and had that with some ginger ale.  It was a win when it stayed down.  Still not feeling 100%, I took to my bed and read for a bit.
Now it is ten at night and I am up wide awake and feeling fine.  The product of a five hour nap in the afternoon.  I was about to type that I guess it could be worse, but I KNOW it could be worse.  I am grateful that I feeling better.  I just wish menopause would come and collect it’s eggs.  I am not using them and would like to get rid of them anyway, so can we make that happen?  I would happily donate them to a couple in need!  Can we just…stop this pain after almost 30 years?????  It’s getting a bit old.

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