Funny tale of breaking wind

Our dogs don’t fart.  We’ve never heard them or smelled them in all the years we’ve been dog owners.  I’ve always thought it a little odd because I’ve known dogs that just let them loose and man do they stink!  But our dogs, nary a peep or a smell.

I guess it stands to reason because they are on a pretty steady diet of quality dog food.  They don’t get table scraps other than the occasional Cheeze It or whatever that falls on the floor.  Good quality in, good quality out I guess.

Shilo gets a lot of dog treats when she’s at Rob’s work all day with him.  There are certain co workers that Rob gives a box of dog treats here and there because they like to feed her and try and get her to do tricks and the like.  It helps her socialize and gives Rob a little break to bring her around to get said treats.

I just found out that they tried a new brand of treats for her.  I was sitting here at the laptop on the couch checking facebook as I tend to do when I get home from work and all was quiet in the house.  Shilo was chillin on her dog bed on the opposite and of the couch when I heard the tiniest little toot.  Rob was outside and Pappy was in the bedroom so I knew they weren’t the guilty parties.  I looked over at Shilo and she had this look of shock on her face before she leaned down and sniffed her own butt looking very disgusted at what she smelled.

I fell out laughing.  The whole thing was just priceless!

Needless to say those dog treats are going in the garbage.  🙂

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