Vegas 2016 Trip Report Part Two

Hangovers when you are 42 years old are no f*cking joke.  Seriously.
I woke up on Tuesday completely and totally hungover, both from food and alcohol.  My stomach wasn’t sure it was on speaking terms with me but my head, that was screaming at me loud and clear.  My anxiety was through the roof and we had to change hotels.
I wanted nothing more than to lay in bed and “sleep it off” but knowing that I had done it to myself, I had to put on my big girl panties and soldier on.
Thankfully, Drunk Me had packed most of my stuff the night before knowing that Hungover Me would barely be functioning.
We showered and checked out of Caesar’s.  I was really sorry to see that room go and I’m hoping to dedicate more time there the next trip.  It was really the perfect room in the perfect location.  I let Rob walk the mile there and back to the car so he could drop off one of the suitcases while I sat outside the valet area drinking some Ginger Ale.
When he came back up we moved over to the Ride Share section and got ready for our first Uber ride of the trip.
Rob had used Uber once before about a year ago in LA when he attended the NAMM convention, but I had never used it.  I kept reading about how much cheaper and simpler it was but I have never really had a reason to use it until now.
Ten minutes later we were tucked into a car with a friendly driver on our way to Aria for seven bucks not counting tip.  Gotta say it was completely painless.

Background on our Aria stay: This night is courtesy of the MyVegas game on Facebook. I’ve played on and off for years and since they were getting so skimpy with their comps, I never really cashed any in the last couple trips. End result was enough points to get a weeknight room at Aria. I was really excited about this as I’d heard nothing but good things about the rooms.

Check in was painless, it was around 11:30 and there was no line when we arrived.  Because it was so close to the holiday there was no wait either, our room was ready and we were asked if we wanted to upgrade to a strip view for $30.00.  Since the room was free, we figured why not.  Now that I’ve seen the view in comparison to Caesar’s, I wouldn’t pay thirty bucks for it again, but you never know until you try right?


We were given our room keys and we trekked back almost to where we had started to get to our tower.  The room was almost to the end of the hallway, making for quite a haul to get to and from our room, but it was just for one night.




The room was pretty great but I felt Caesar’s was better.
The one way it had CP beat was the tablet that controlled pretty much everything in the room.



From this device you could change the temp, turn on or off the lights and TV, shut or open the drapes, change the channel on the TV, order room service, order food to be picked up from an eatery downstairs…the possibilities were almost endless and we had quite a bit of fun playing around with it.

I was still feeling the hangover blues but it was time to go out and explore.  I had never been to the Cosmopolitan, but had always wanted to so we took the tram over to the Crystal Shops and made our way over to Cosmo.








The Cosmo was so pretty inside.  Pretty much how I had pictured it looking, lots of glitz and color.  The best part however was that we stumbled upon EggSlut.  I had heard about this place before and how great it was but that the lines were always horrible.  I never knew the location and since I don’t like to wait in line, I never bothered to find out.
Low and behold as we walked around the third floor…


No lines, no waiting!  We quickly ran to the cashier and placed our order.  I got the Bacon Egg and Cheese because that was what my hangover was telling me to get and Rob got The Slut, because…well, it was called The Slut.
We could not have been happier with our choices!  It was the most amazing breakfast sandwich I have ever had!  Like seriously, an orgasm in your mouth!!





With very happy tummies we toured the rest of the casino before deciding to head across the street to Planet Hollywood.  We both thought we hadn’t been there since it was The Aladdin, but we quickly discovered this was where we saw Evil Dead The Musical a couple of years prior.


Rob played some video poker for a bit while I played on my phone.  At that point we had been walking around for a while and I was thinking I would need a bathroom soon…the kind of bathroom need where I would want to be alone in my hotel room. 🙂 So we motored back over to Aria.
Once my urgent need was taken care of, we headed back downstairs to see what our options were for dinner.  We weighed our options and decided that the Burger Lounge was probably our best bet.  We hadn’t had a burger yet this trip and I was definitely over any sort of Asian food for the rest of our visit.  The other option we were weighing was pizza, but I knew were would get that downtown later so burgers it was!
I had some reward credits from signing up for the MLife credit card awhile back so we stopped at a rewards counter and transferred enough money over to cash points for our dinner.
We weren’t quite ready to eat yet so we headed up to our room for a few minutes.
As we were on our way back to our room through the hallway, one of the housekeeping staff was cleaning a room and asked how we were doing.  Rob said something like, “Oh, just walking the mile to our room.” and I said: “Yeah I’m earning the burger we are about to eat.”  She got a good laugh out of it.
The reason I mention this is because she was still cleaning rooms when we headed back out and she asked us if we wanted our room turned down for the evening.  I didn’t even know what that meant so we both said no, it wasn’t needed.  Rob said that we’ve never stayed at a place fancy enough to offer that.
She laughed and asked if we wanted the chocolates.
I said: “Hold up, I didn’t know there were chocolates available!”
She laughed again and reached into a bag, pulling out a handful of fancy looking boxes holding chocolates.  “Take as many as you want.”
Rob shoveled what she was holding into his bag, thanking her.  “We’re going down to the burger place, do you want anything?  Fries?  Onion rings?”
I could tell she couldn’t tell if we were for real or not so she just said: “Um…you pick.” I’m sure thinking she wouldn’t see us again.
Downstairs we ordered the burgers and then played a little gamble while we waited.




We had gotten the housekeeper a regular burger, but because there was some sanfu with our order, we got an extra thing of fries on the house so we got her a complete meal.
On our way back up to our room we discovered she had passed our room and was all the way at the end of the hall.  I’m pretty sure she didn’t think she would ever see us again and probably thought we were crazy when we showed up with her food.  She was laughing hysterically and thanking us.  It was pretty funny.
Since we were at the end of the hall, we took that opportunity to take some pics out of the windows there.






After my exhausting day being hungover in the city of sin, we went to bed fairly early as were were starting our third leg of the Vegas tour and heading to Golden Gate downtown the next day.

Background: Almost every trip for the last couple of years we have always said we would stay the last night at Golden Gate because we never had and always wanted to just to say that we did. However we ended up cutting those trips short by a day and always cancelled our reservations. This year we finally doing it.
I opted for a suite since it is the only suite that we would be able to afford in Vegas, for the last three nights.

Check out of Aria was pretty painless, I did it over my cell phone which was kind of cool.  We ubered back over to Caesar’s palace parking garage and got our car out to make the trek over to Downtown.
The drive was pretty easy, it was the day before Thanksgiving and while it wasn’t as barren as I would have thought, there was still a lack of people at this point.
We parked in the GG parking structure–just kidding!  I mean Parking LOT.  🙂  It was too early to check in so we left our luggage in the car while we made the half hear-ted attempt to see if our room was ready.  No sale, the clerk told us to come back around one because even though check in was at three, due to the Holiday, it might be ready early.  Rob and I later joked about the difference between the hotels we had stayed in so far.  CP said the room wasn’t ready but we will put a rush on it and send you at text when it is(got the text ten minutes later).  GG said the room is not ready, feel free to keep checking back.  We thought that was kinda humorous.
We took a look around outside and while Rob said he wasn’t really hungry, I was really excited to try Pop Up Pizza at The Plaza across the street.  I’d read some really good things about it.
We ordered and sat down to wait.  Fifteen minutes later we were still waiting.  I’m not one to cause a fuss when it comes to my food service, but how long could it take to heat up two slices?  Apparently they had given our order to someone else, but they quickly rectified the situation and we were given our two slices of heaven.


After we ate, we headed over to Binion’s to get the annual picture with a million dollars and get our slot cards updated.  We played a little bit, but nothing was feeling very nice to us.  It was around one at that point so we headed back over to GG and were able to check into our room.



It was a pretty nice room, just a little funky with the bathroom situation.  Either way, we were very happy with it.

Our plan for that day was to take a long nap and get up early morning to crawl around Fremont St.  It didn’t work out quite the way we had planned but we still had fun.








Got our annual Dunkin’!!!  God I miss DD coffee!









Finally we were done so we got some take out from the diner downstairs from our hotel and headed up to bed.

We slept in the next day.  It was Thanksgiving and we had some friends driving in from Monterey, but they wouldn’t get there until that afternoon so we putted around the room, watching bad TV and relaxing.





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