Viva Las Vegas — Part Three

Monday morning I woke up and hit the gym again.  I’m sorry to say this would be the last structured exercise of this trip. 



After I was done I came upstairs to the room and showered before heading off to meet mom in her room.  I got her safely to the car in the parking garage.  This would be the very first time I was going to drive in Vegas.  As many times as we have been here, Rob has always done the driving.  He has always done the driving for the majority of our relationship but even more so for the scary places…like Vegas.  Thankfully the trip was a hop, skip and a jump from our hotel at the Orleans to the Luxor.  No freeway what so ever and it wasn’t a weekend so it was all good.

We got to our destination with ease.  Normally, I would have valet parked since I was with mom and walking is not her strong suit but it turned out that this trip the parking garage was closer to where we needed to be than the valet entrance.

Before I left the Orleans I had Rob call my Auntie Tee to see if she could call FedEx.  The location of the phone was still up in the air but since it hadn’t been delivered overnight as it was promised, we figured she could not only get her money back, but get it delivered back to her since she was the sender of the package.

As mom and I rolled up to the Luxor I got a call from Auntie Tee on my cell phone. 

“Your mother gave me the wrong zip code!”  She said after I answered.

Apparently since the wrong zip code was given for the package, they couldn’t refund any money, and since it has already been delivered to the Golden Nugget(news to us) it could not be returned to her.  I thanked Lee for trying and then promptly called the Golden Nugget to speak with the person my mother had been dealing with about the whole cell phone fiasco.

She informed me that the phone was indeed there and she would hold it for us to come pick up until the 26th as that was the day we were leaving.  A quick call to Rob and we decided we would pick it up on the 26th before we dropped mom off at the airport.

Mom at Starbucks at the Luxor

Mom at Starbucks at the Luxor

With that taken care of we began our mother/daughter day.  After a couple of stops to rest we got up to the food court at the Luxor where I got a caramel frap at Starbucks and a Strawberries and Cream for mom.  (although she is diabetic, she claims she needs to “sugar up” for the nights here in Vegas because of how much she walks…)

Once we were done, I got tickets for the Titanic Exhibit and we were off.  I had been wanting to see this exhibit for years.  I had thought I would see it at the Tropicana last year when I went with Paula but it had already been moved.  I was quite happy to finally get to see it.

The whole experience is pretty cool.  They have all of the facts of the trip written out

The Titanic Exhibit

The Titanic Exhibit

with giant photographs but they also have a bunch of artifacts that they recovered from the ocean floor under glass.  In addition to that, they recreate the rooms in the third class and first class as well as recreating the deck and the “famous” staircase.  It was all just a really great experience.  The best part was at the end they had a giant piece of the ship that they had recovered from the ocean suspended in the air for us to look at and in addition there was a video of how they recovered it.  Well worth the money in my opinion for the experience.

Mom at the Luxor Buffet

Mom at the Luxor Buffet

Once we were done with that we had some time to kill and were kinda hungry so we hit the buffet at the Luxor.  I don’t have a lot of experience at buffets in Vegas but this was one of the largest and best stocked I have ever seen.  They had foods of all kinds in one place and the deserts were yummy!  We didn’t leave hungry at all!  😉

After the buffet, we hit a couple of shops and then it was time for the show!

We were seeing Menopause the musical.  I had done a lot of research on what mom may

Sign outside Menopause the Musical

Sign outside Menopause the Musical

 or may not like and this won out hands down.  Bonus that it was cheaper that most and started at 5:30!  I bought the tickets in advance…VIP seating so we could get front row, but they turned out to be even better.  Smack dab in the center of the row.  Mom voiced a small concern about being picked on for being in the front row but I assured her this was not an improv show so there shouldn’t be a problem.

Once the show started, my mother and I were caught up.  The show is just hilarious and it is set to the songs of my mothers generation so she was just in her element.  She laughed a lot and there was one moment where one of the ladies was singing her song and she came down into the front row and chose mom to sing directly to.  It scared my mom a little but thrilled me to no end.

At the end they call for people to come up onto the stage.  My mom was one of the first people picked but she didn’t want to go.  I forced her and we both ended up doing an impromptu kick line with the stars and more audience members.  It was classic and gives mom a great story to tell when she gets home.  The whole experience was fabulous.

After the show we got back in the PT and headed back to the hotel.  I gave mom her souvenirs of the day in the elevator and bid her ado until the next day.  Up in the room I filled Rob in on the show and my day and then I got lazy while Rob watched football.

It had been a busy day for me so that night I didn’t have any desire to go gambling.  I stayed up the room and played my new computer game while Rob went downstairs to play.  He wasn’t down there for long but ended up winning enough to pay for our dinner at TGIFridays that he brought back up to the room.  🙂

To Be Continued again…

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