14 years ago…

I got an email from my husband this morning titled: “Fourteen years ago you said yes.”  It brought happy tears to my eyes.

Fourteen years ago today I made the easiest decision of my young life.  At 25 I changed my stance on my lifelong declaration that marriage wasn’t for me.

As long as I can remember I’ve always said I never wanted to get married.  I could blame it on seeing my parents’ marriage fall apart and that might have been the reason when I was a lot younger, but as I got older and started dating, I just never found anyone that fit.  I would enjoy the chase of the dating scene but once I landed the one that I wanted I was bored and ready for the next challenge.

I had thought I was in love a couple of times in my life but looking back that was more of just attraction and eventually just not wanting to be lonely.

Truth be told, the longest relationship I had before I met Rob was 6 whole months.  I got bored easily and no one ever kept me interested in the long term.

14 years ago I knew in my heart that I had met the man that I could easily spend my golden years with.  Even though I had only met him three months prior.

He fit.  We fit.  We made sense.1237217_10151907317506474_1742370673_o

Fourteen years and one day ago I met his family for the first time.  We traveled from our house in Arizona to his parents place in Salinas, California for Thanksgiving.

The next day he took me sightseeing, including where he went to high school in Pebble Beach.  He showed me around the campus and then to the little chapel that was on the grounds.

I was admiring the stained glass windows fourteen years ago when the big grandfather clock began to chime in the noon hour.  I turned around to say something to Rob and found him down on one knee with ring extended.

Fourteen years ago I said yes, and I have never regretted it a single day.

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