2011 in Review

Time for my annual year in review!

We started off January with a bang participating in the 5K Resolution Run in Carmel.  Shilo tested our parenting skills by sucking on an advil and forcing us to take a trip to the doggie emergency room.  I celebrated five years at my current job.  I lost 13 pounds on a purification diet and had lots of fun rehearsing O Brother.

In February O Brother opened to rave reviews and sold out shows.  Rob and I did the Together With Love 5K in PG and rehearsals started on Clockwork where I discovered I am not cut out for stage managing, but manage to snag a role as Alex’s mom in the show.  Also, Shilo graduated from Puppy obedience classes.

March found us visiting our old stomping grounds in Arizona for a final renewal performance by Eating Divas.  The PT Cruiser died on me for the first(but not the last time) stranding me in Monterey late at night.  I learned that you really CAN count on family during a family crisis, be it family by blood or by marriage(looking at you Michaela).  I learned to knit for my part in Clockwork Orange and discovered I loved it and I dyed my hair a very dark brown.

In April, we discovered we were no longer able to rely on the PT, so for the first time in our lives we bought a brand new car.  I discovered the music of Adele and my life would never be the same.  Auditioned for The Rocky Horror Show.  Rob and I headed out for a two week trip to Maine to take clear out my mom’s old house.

May found us still in Maine where I was able to catch up with a lot of my friends from high school.  I jacked up my back pretty badly sleeping on the floor the night before we left Maine.  Back home,I suffered a mild depression at the lack of theater in my life and I also turned 37.

I got my theater fix back in June by putting make up on drag queens for the production of The Birdcage.  I attempted the Purification Program again but couldn’t stick to it like I did last time.  Despite my vow to never do another half marathon I found myself signing up for Vegas again.

In July Rob and I got hit with the stomach flu, we had The Birdcage cast party at Koly’s place and Rocky Horror rehearsals started.  Also I chopped off Rob’s hair in front of his entire company so he could donate it to Locks of Love.  I take a weekend by myself at the end of the month and get a hotel room to relax…that doesn’t end up happening when I put a big dent in our new van and worry about telling Rob the entire weekend.

I was saddened in August by the death of a good friend from high school.  My world was further rocked  by an emergency room trip with a very sick husband that was possibly one of the most scariest experiences of my life, thankfully he was fine.  Heather arrived in town making us all very happy and Rob and I celebrated 11 years of marriage.

September opened with being part of a parade in Marina to promote The Rocky Horror Show and Rob getting a gig playing the Monterey County Fair.  There was a rabid infestation of oak tree worms and the phrase “worm rape” was coined.  Rob and I had a blast at Jay’s Pirate party and then took a trip to Great America where more fun was had.  The Rocky Horror Show opens it’s seven week run.

In October I participated in my first ever Flash Mob to promote Rocky Horror and started my 3 week HCG diet with great success.   My back kept getting jacked up and I finally had to “learn” how to fall from Koly during the Time Warp number.  Shilo had her last baby tooth extracted but sadly, there is no tooth fairy for dogs.  The power went out at Paper Wing, but the show still went on, and Rocky Horror closed on Halloween with a bang.

November arrived and with it, the Rocky Horror Plague as way over half the cast and I got very sick with head/chest colds right after closing.  I updated my Iphone and lost all my apps and contacts.  Post theater depression loomed large with no upcoming projects on the horizon.

It was Viva Las Vegas in December when Rob, my bestie Paula and I traveled to Vegas for a fun vacation and my 2nd half marathon.  The trip was a near disaster when Rob’s glasses broke on the drive in but thankfully, it all worked out in the end.  Back home I floundered with no acting outlet but decided to try my hand at songwriting.






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