New Year, New Goals

I have to ask myself why I am so angry and unhappy all the time lately.
I have a very good life.  A loving husband who puts up with a lot of things most wouldn’t from me.  Two fantastic dogs that keep me giggling and a steady job that pays pretty good.
The bottom line is I have lost focus.  With no theater on the horizon I have become lazy about all other aspects of my life as well.  I need to have some structure in my life now or I will just become a big lump of depression on my couch and no one wants that.
The last month I have really been unfocused on diet and exercise.  Pretty much eating whatever I want and feeling like crap because of it.  I’ve been putting in the bare minimum when it came to exercise only because I had the 5K coming up this last weekend, otherwise I doubt I would have done anything.
I’ve barely done any cleaning around the house and have pretty much just played on the internet and watched movies all month long.
Yesterday it all came to a head.  While I know that I am PMSing there is no reason to blame it all on that.  I woke up with an attitude and didn’t realize it at the time and took out my anger on my husband who didn’t deserve it at all.  There was no reason for me to even be angry yesterday but I was.
I woke up this earlier than normal this morning and as I laid in bed thinking about what was really bothering me and I realized I’m missing a goal.
Since housework is the thing I’ve mostly been neglecting lately, that gets the first focus.  The purge is going to start this week.  I said I was going to do this after getting back from Mom’s house and seeing all the things she had accumulated but I never actually did it.  It is going to now.  I hang on to so much junk thinking I eventually have a use for it, or just out of pure laziness because I don’t want to deal with throwing/giving away things.  Not anymore.  There is going to be a full scale vomiting of my closet and anything I haven’t worn in a month is either being tossed or given away.  That also goes for my vanity drawers and the bathroom cupboards and drawers.  Don’t even get me started on the kitchen!
It’s a new year and time for a new start.  Out with the cobwebs and in the clean!
The diet is also back in full swing and so is my exercise.  Part of the reason I feel like such a slug is that I’m starting to look like one again.  I feel better when I look better so that is the goal.
Plus I might have a trip to New York on the horizon in April and who doesn’t want to look good for that?  🙂
It’s my life and I’m taking it back!

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