Last Thursday as we were driving to work we heard an advertisement for the car races in Watsonville. Every now and again I had heard Rob mention them and say it’s something we should do some night but I never put much thought into it. After the commercial was over I asked Rob if that was something he was interested in and he said: “Yeah, only for the last two years.” So it was decided we would head out after work on Friday, which we did.

It wasn’t bad. My only prior experience to attending a racing event was a NASCAR race that a friend of Rob’s had gotten us tickets to for a wedding present. Picture it:  I’m over 300 pounds, it’s over 100 degrees out and we have to walk about two miles to get to the speedway. Our seats are pretty high up and I’m afraid of heights. And oh yeah,  I’m on my period.

Yeah, not the best day of my life.  So when I say it wasn’t bad I mean that it was pretty freaking good in comparison.

It’s all done on a very small scale at the Santa Cruz fairgrounds. Very low key, you show up you get your grub and you climb the metal bleachers to a seat where you won’t get mud flung on you(unless of course that is your thing. In that case–have a ball!) and sit. They kept everything moving along quite well with no delays so that was favorable. Rob was truly loving it and I was loving the corn dog and the out of this world French fries.

My only complaint was that is was a bit long and I didn’t bring a sweatshirt along with my jacket because it got quite cold after eight or so. I got really tired and so we left when there were two races left to run. Overall, a fun night out with the husband doing something he actually wanted to do for a change.

Saturday we were up early to go get the Mustang from the shop. Oh yeah, did I mention we finally took the car in after running it for a year on a Mickey moused hose? Yup–to the tune of $2000.00! Yay for stupidity!

Anyway, I dropped Rob off and once he rescued the car I headed out to Petsmart and got some stuff for Pappy’s sore(it’s doing so much better!) along with some dog food.

Don’t you hate when you go into a store knowing pretty much what you want and then get accosted by the store employees? I mean, I’m all for having people available if you have questions but I was standing there in the dog food aisle trying to determine which bag had the small kibble and the big kibble when this lady who was roughly 108 years old comes up in a petsmart apron and asks if I need help.  I smile kindly and tell her I’m just looking for dog food for our two dogs. She immediately says: “You know you have to feed them separately right??”

I nod and smile as dismissively as I can before going back to looking at the food. She asks what kinds of dogs so I tell her and she then launches into this five minute monolog on how I have to get two different kinds of dog foods and blah blah blah. Finally to appease her I hefted the 40 lb bag of food for medium sized dogs(the kind I was going to get anyway) into the cart and put a small bag of food for larger dogs on top. Thanked her and walked away.

I made into the flea and tick aisle where I was about to ditch the smaller bag when she comes up behind me and says: “And on to your next endeavor, what are you looking for now?”

‘Tell her you’re just looking!’ my brain pleaded with me but my mouth didn’t listen. “I need some sort of salve to put on a sore area that my dog won’t stop licking.”

Her eyes lit up. “Where is the sore?”

“On his inner leg.” I didn’t want to say right beside his wiener.

“You need to get a collar.” She runs in front of me and actually grabs the front of my cart to make me follow her.

“Actually, I’m just looking for some cream or something…”

“He’ll just lick it off.” She gleefully replies as she guides my cart with amazing strength for a senior citizen to an endcap full of those horrible cone collars.

That is where I had to draw the line. I may joke about how funny it would be to put my dogs in one of those but I am not putting Pappy in one of those just because he likes to lick his wiener!

“I just need some cream.” I stand firm.

She pauses and then frowns before leading me over to the next aisle where she randomly grabs some cream for itching which is not Pappy’s problem and hands it to me.

“You really should consider getting a collar.” She starts wringing her hands worriedly and I begin to think there is some sort of special commission on selling cone collars.

“Thank you so much for your help, I’m just going to keep looking around now.” I raise my eyebrows and stare her down.

Obviously disappointed she nods her head and turns to walk slowly down the aisle and disappears around the corner.

I quickly locate the cream I need for Pappy and put it in the cart as a gentleman steps up next to me and starts perusing the supplements.

Out of nowhere granny-stalker runs up and starts interrogating him as I hightail it out of the aisle and quietly go ditch the other bag of food before practically running to the checkout for fear of being harassed any more.

She was scary!

After that I headed over to Circuit City and picked up a new set of headphones(thanks Pappy!) and my new Sims Life game before hitting Mickie D’s for some chicken nuggets because I was starving. Yeah, diet’s not going so good.

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