A light at the end of the tunnel?

sick_in_bedFriday night I still had no appetite and the headache from hell, but thanks to sleeping most of the day I was wide awake.    So I stayed up watching a marathon of Roseanne on TVLand while coughing, blowing snot and taking my temp.  It was back up to a low grade temp of 100.something.

Finally I crawled into bed and slept. 

Saturday was spent without much of an appetite watching Gilmore Girls and playing games on Facebook.  Nothing held my interest because of the heinous headache I was still fighting but in the early evening I started to feel a bit better.  Rob inquired as to what I wanted for dinner and I was so sick of soup and noodles that I asked if we had any frozen pizzas.  It just sounded good.

When I woke up nauseated at one this morning I realized I might have made a poor choice.  When I had ralphed into the wastebasket in the living room three times I KNEW I had.  And through it all the constant fiery headache was there along with the fever that climbed back up to 102.  After I threw up the last time I instantly took an advil and a tums and I’m not sure if I was just done or that helped.  Either way, I was grateful.  Rob got up around four and we watched some old school 90210 on the SOAP network before crawling back into bed around five or so. 

I woke up at nine this morning completely soaked.  I’m talking I could have rung out my PJ’s and bedding and gotten a gallon of water.  Rob was going to the store so I got up and checked my email.  I kept marveling to myself how much better I felt until it hit me…my headache was gone.  The constant stabbing, agonizing pain in my head that had been there since Wednesday was gone.  Not masked slightly by the advil, but GONE!  I took my temp and it was 98.  Oh glory! 

Until it was gone, I had no idea how incapacitating this headache had been.  Even now, I am amazed at how much better it feels just not having it. 

I’m still stuffy, I’m still coughing and my temp has crept up to 99.7 but even so, I’m pretty certain I have turned a corner and am on the mend.  *knocks wood*

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