A minor flu bug?

So I’ve discussed in here before that my dogs don’t usually have gas or any time of stomach issues.  Shilo had a bout of liqui-shits that lasted a couple of days and has been heard only twice letting out a fart.  They just don’t usually have issues.

Last night I was sitting on the couch after work while Rob was cooking dinner in the kitchen and Shilo was sitting next to me as usual, curled up thisclosetome.  All of a sudden her stomach let out a small gurgle, followed my a larger gurgle and then and even bigger gurgle.  Each time this happened she just looked up at me as if to say: “What the hell was that Mother?”  After that it would gurgle almost every 60 seconds.  I finally laid her on her back and put my hand on her tummy, and you could feel the gas just moving around in there.  Poor thing.  We watched her for a while she didn’t appear to be in any discomfort.  Rob threw the ball to her, and she chased it as usual.

I did take her out even though she had made a poop when we first got home and she did have a very loose one.  After that her tummy settled down, and we didn’t think anything about it.

Earlier today my husband emailed me that he didn’t feel very well.  Like his stomach was all full of gas, and he just felt crummy.  He came home around four and took a nap.

After work, I headed out to Hula’s to meet up with my friend Jourdain who I haven’t seen since 9 to 5 wrapped, and we had a delightful dinner.  I had some sort of weird allergic reaction to the fish that I ordered when my tongue tingled and then got these swollen spots all over it, but other than that I was fine.

After dinner, we crashed a rehearsal at Paper Wing and then I headed home.

Rob was still in bed when I got home, so I headed to the bathroom to pee and got caught up reading a magazine.  As I was reading my stomach started to make all these gurgling noises and before I knew it I was having a pretty severe case of the runs.

That brings us to now.  I feel fine, but I can tell there is going to be another trip to the bathroom at some point.  Rob appears to feel better after napping and Shilo seems to have made a full recovery.

So I’m hoping it was just the mildest flu bug ever to run through the Machado household, and the worst is already in the past.

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