2013 in Review

January started out with a bang when I landed the role of Roz Keith in 9 to 5 The Musical.  This would be my first and only show where I got to sing a solo.  I was stoked, but terrified.  It was also the month that Avenue Q closed and I was very sad to see it go.  That was one fun show, one where I conquered many fears including my fear of heights.

In February I came down with a pretty bad sinus infection that lasted forever and rehearsals started for 9 to 5…I once again was reminded how uncoordinated I am at dancing.  We had house guests for the first time in forever as a band that Rob had played a gig with prior stayed the night on their way to start a tour.

March was a pretty huge milestone month for me as it was the month that I quit smoking.  Yes, I have quit before but this time it stuck.  This was the first time where I wasn’t smoking socially or sneaking the occasional drag off a friends cig.  I even went the whole trip in Vegas without a smoke.  I don’t think that has ever happened before.  For some reason a switch was flipped within me and I was just done.
Also that month Rob did another burlesque show, we had a weekend sleepover with the dogs at Rudy and Jade’s house and a pigeon flew into a 9 to 5 rehearsal…it was a thing.

In April 9 to 5 opened and I was amazed at the fact that I didn’t choke doing my first solo.  The audience at it up.  Despite that, depression began to creep in that month and I’m afraid that it lasted or quite a while.  As did a cold that I managed to pick up after opening weekend.   Also The Paper Wing Fairy was born during a shopping trip with Koly.

May found me in a panic as I managed to forget to bring my costumes to closing weekend of 9 to 5 and didn’t discover it until a half an hour to curtain.  I was and will always be forever grateful to Marjory who sprang into action and found replacement pieces for me to wear with just minutes to spare and to my cast mates for rallying around me when I started to have a meltdown.   I also had a great 39th birthday dinner with my inlaws and attended a really fun birthday party for Michaelle’s boys at Toro Park.

June started out pretty awesome with a girls day with my bestie Paula and got better with a couple of theater dates to see some new shows.  There was a whole fiasco when a turtle was found in our backyard that ended up with him being released back into the wild(my bad George, I mistakenly thought you were a pet).  I got to have a weekend to myself when Rob went camping at the Weckers house and got some kick ass sockmonkey earrings from Heather.  Had a Joss Whedon geekfest with two other fans seeing Much Ado About Nothing and got one hell of a sunburn having a doggie date with Natalie.  Boy, June was busy!

In July things slowed down a bit, my depression started to lessen ironically as I started to ween myself off of my anti depressant meds.  Attended a BBQ at Rob’s friends house and hung out later that month in Santa Cruz while they played for the Wharf to Wharf race.  I also got to meet the Hanner zombie baby.  🙂

August began with seeing a great performance of Macbeth and then a fantastic girls day with my bestie.  That was quickly followed by a weekend to myself in Gilroy where I conquered a fear of driving on the freeway by myself.  Rob and I celebrated our13th anniversary and then jetted off to Maine to visit with my family and friends.

September found us still in Maine eating tons of fried foods and doing lots of tourist things.  Once we got home I became obsessed with making whoopie pies and we attended Jay’s annual pirate party.  Rob got busy rehearsing for Rocky Horror and I became obsessed with Sons of Anarchy.  Shandee came back for a visit and Jenn had her baby shower.

In October we started to have some internet issues and Rocky Horror opened.  I became obsessed with making crackers from scratch and was honored to help a friend get ready for her vow renewal with her husband.  Had a super date night with Lucy, Chris and Angie to see my hubs rock it at Rocky Horror and went back to see the show solo for their midnight Halloween show.

November started with a power outage straight out of a horror movie, but got much better when my husband built me a bass and had it painted in a Sunflower theme.  Had a very cool date with Landess to see Pontypool and began a very nice and relaxing vacation to Vegas.  On said trip I got the pink panels in my hair I have wanted for so long and we went go cart racing for the first time.  Celebrated the 14 year anniversary of our engagement as well as Thanksgiving.

In December I gave up on all the lame excuses that kept me immobile this year and signed back up for the Vegas 1/2 marathon.  Rob and I saw Bob’s Holiday Office Party and laughed our asses off and then had a fantastic Casino Night themed Christmas party for his work.  Had a great holiday party at my own work and was really grateful for the friends that I had.  Accidentally cracked the screen on my laptop but was thankful to receive an old spare one from my father in law to solve my problem.

I have lots of resolutions for the new year.  I don’t usually do them, but this year I really want to start improving myself.  40 years old is rapidly approaching and I am not where I thought I would be in my life.  Not necessarily in a bad way but still…not how I pictured myself.  I want to be healthier.  I want to fight my depression.  I want to keep a cleaner house…all these things fall under the category of self improvement and I need to get on it.

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