Here Comes the Rain Again…

So this morning started much like any morning.  I was a bit more tired than usual because we didn’t get out of the rehearsal for Old Ringers until like nine thirty or so, but I can deal with that.

Showered and felt a bit of a sensation in my right middle finger.  No, not just that I wanted to flip someone off!

If you follow me and my blog at all you will know that usually means trouble.  I have had it happen before and mean nothing, but most times it means that I am in big trouble.

I’m too lazy to actually look in my archives for this so let me just give you a BRIEF recap:

Ever since I was like 20 years old I get an infection in my finger that flairs up about once or twice a year.  I have been admitted to the hospital for it several times.  I have had it biopsied, flushed out and for all other purposes examined but no one can tell me how to stop it.

When I get it, it spreads very fast.  It goes from a spot on my finger to blood poisoning that travels up my arm in the span of hours.  If I can’t nip it in the bud I usually wind up on IV antibiotics in the hospital or urgent care, because I am that cool.


Anyhoo,  REALLY long story short, this morning, I called my doc who knew my history and she said she would call in my prescription for the antibiotic.

Three hours and FIVE phone calls later the prescription finally got called in and I was able to pick it up on my lunch hour.

The first dose is in me and I was able to lance it a little when I got home but really if the past is anything considering, I will have blood poisoning up to my wrist at the least when I wake up.

I’m so sick of this shit.

This was honestly the first time I was able to catch it at first *sense* so I hope that tomorrow will be better, but history tells me the blood poisoning will be up to my wrist when I wake up.


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