So after three solid weeks, my head/neck aches seemed to have hit the road.  Thank GOD!  I was really about to just say eff it and get a never ending prescription for Vicodin, lose my job and become a big drooling addicted mess.  Anything to make the pain go away.

As stupid as it sounds I blame most of the cause of the problem on the new car.  When we started commuting to that daily is when the pain started.   And it makes sense.  I made a joke about how I feel like a bobble head in that car because we are so low to the ground and you can feel every bump and dip in the road.  I think it was throwing my neck out of wack.

The week before last Rob had hell week for the burlesque show so I took the van all week…that was when the pain stopped.  Since then when we take the small car I just have been trying to retrain the way I sit to get the least amount of impact on my neck and it seems to be working.  Who knew?

I did however get my eyes checked as a result of the headaches and while he said my eyesight is pretty good he gave me a prescription for when I want to see really clearly.  I ordered a pair from but I won’t get them til Monday.

Being down with the pain did sideline my running for the three weeks and boy was that hard as hell to restart.  I’m back at it now but that first run back?  Holy hell I wanted to cry!  Did 3 miles last weekend and it felt great so I am back in the game for sure.  Which is good since we have a 5K on Sunday in PG.

I rejoined weight watchers last week.  I’ve been doing okay.   I haven’t been anal about everything I eat and that only resulted in a one pound loss this week but a loss is a loss.  Plus I am not driving myself crazy.  I have been loving finding all kinds of new recipes and rediscovering my love of cooking and baking.  I have also discovered Ziplist so I can keep all the new recipes I find in one place and can also access them from an app on my phone.  But this type of talk is for my other journal.

So yeah, disregard the comment on Weight Watchers while I tell you that I stopped for Thai food tonight.  Rob is doing the burlesque show tonight and he won’t be home til late.  On those rare occasions when I have the house to myself  on a Friday night, I’ve always had sort of a tradition of stopping at the Thai place down the street on the way home and picking up some nom noms to eat while watching TV shows I know the husband hates on the DVR.  Tonight it was a last minute decision and called when I was half way home(I used the hands free people, don’t judge me!)  The guy told me a half an hour and of course it only took me ten minutes to get there.  So I show up way before the dishes were done totally of my own fault and I got a free Thai iced tea out of the deal for my trouble.  I tried to pay him for it but he refused.  I love local small town businesses.  🙂

So what else?  Oh, I got a part in another play.  My biggest role yet so I’m pretty excited and nervous at the same time.  The play is called “Old Ringers” and it looks to be pretty darn funny.  We start rehearsing in April and go up in June.  It’s going to be fun to be on stage again.

I’m currently in the market for a new laptop.  I debated on going for a Mac but I can’t justify the cost.  I primarily use my computer for surfing the web, writing, editing websites and editing videos so if anyone has any suggestions please hit me up with them.

Okay, I guess that is all I got right now.  And I say that because Shilo is sitting next to me stomping her little paws, growling and staring at me because I am not playing with her.

Happy Friday!!!



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