I'm tired

So last night I woke Rob up from his nap around five and laid there with him awhile. I realized I was pretty tired but it was too early to go to sleep. So I got up and we finished getting dinner and lunches ready for the next day. I was still dragging so I wondered out loud about going to bed around seven and seeing if I could sleep through the night. I can sleep in on a Saturday or Sunday morning for 14 hours at a stretch so why not sleep through a dark night?
After much inner contemplation I headed to bed while it was still light out. I slept through…
…until 1:30 in the morning.
I woke up with an overwhelming desire to pee so I did so. It was the middle of the night and I had plenty of time to get back to sleep. Or so I thought.
I lay in bed on the cusp of sleep when I heard what sounded like one of our doors shutting and or opening, repeatedly. Instantly I was awake and in the midst of a panic attack because even though my right brain said that it was probably just windy out, my wrong brain remembered watching Paranormal Activity 4 and was actively running every single creepy scene from that movie in my head.
What I didn’t know was that it was raining outside and that the noises I was hearing were rain dripping from the gutters and so forth. What I did know was that ghosts or serial killers had invaded my house and were ready to kill me.
I would have a full on sweating panic attack and then calm down until I heard the noise again five minutes later and start all over again.
This went on for about two and a half hours because I’m not stupid! I know that when you get up to investigate a strange noise, that is how you die in a horror movie!
Around four in the morning Rob got up to pee and went out to the living room. I was ashamed at being such a wuss so I faked sleep but I was relieved because he didn’t come back as a zombie or possessed person so all must be well.
Unfortunately, my body was still in full on panic mode because even though my mind was at ease, at any point after that I felt like if I was falling asleep I was going to stop breathing and jerked myself awake.
I did eventually fall asleep around five thirty and dreamed that I was front row at a Motley Crue concert that was doubled as a haunted house but nothing bad happened. I thankfully woke around seven because Rob had accidentally turned his alarm off.
I’m tired…but I’m afraid to go to bed too early tonight.

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