In Boston

I’m currently sitting in the Logan Airport in Boston with my husband waiting four hours for the final leg of our flight.
Yeah…four hours.
It’s the price you pay for the cheap convenience of flying into the tiny airport of Augusta, Maine, where my mother lives.
My in laws drove us to the San Jose airport where we took a red eye Jetblue flight to our current location.
I’ve never flown Jetblue before and I have to say that I really liked them. They don’t charge for bags, they have an abundance of free snacks and soft drinks and they provided us with free sleep masks and earplugs for the overnight flight. They also had free direct tv built in to the seat in front of you that provided a very enjoyable distraction during take off and landing.
Having said that, the seats could have been more comfortable and I’m used to larger planes for such a long flight.
Didn’t really get a whole lot of sleep which is going to suck a lot when we get to Maine and my mom is raring to go.

I’m pretty sure that is our plane from here to Maine. Not too excited about that.

My 1st Coolatta of the trip. I AM pretty excited about that. :). Oh Dunkin Donuts how I have missed you.
Alright. Now, to kill three hours without passing out from sheer exhaustion. Wish me luck!! I’ll blog later.

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