Maine trip continued

Friday night was date night. We knew we we wanted to see if there was local theater here on this trip so we were pleasantly surprised to find Maine’s longest running theater company a mere fifteen minutes from Mom’s house. We were really excited that they were actually in the middle of a run while we are here so we quickly reserved two tickets to the Friday night showing of “Picnic”.

We were hoping to find a coffee shop to sit at for a bit before the show but all we found open in downtown Hallowell were bars. After a walk up and down the main drag it was time for the doors to open anyway so we made our way to the theater and took our seats.

The theater itself was quite lovely. A large spiral staircase led up into the auditorium area where the large space was lightly air conditioned by two window units that were turned off during the show.


The show was nice. The acting was good and the story was easy to get lost in, however the seats were pretty uncomfortable and the heat was pretty overwhelming. Overall it was a very enjoyable show and Rob and I had a really fun time.

Back at Mom’s I relaxed with a large plastic wine glass full of cheap red wine and diet sprite while eating pub mix right out of the canister. I like to keep it classy.


Saturday we didn’t have any plans set. We woke up and putted around the apartment, finally hanging the pictures that mom has been keeping on the floor half two years.



We decided to make Saturday a lazy day. We had a lot going for the rest of the trip so we decided to give ourselves a rest beforehand.

We had Chinese food delivered and watched the Indiana Jones marathon on the TV.

I have to say here that Chinese food is very different in Maine from what we get in California. When I lived here, it was what I was used to, but I forgot all about “chicken fingers” Which are just deep fried chicken tenders in fluffy golden dough that is about a 1/2 inch thick all around the chicken. And fried rice that is so saturated in soy sauce and over cooked that its a deep brown color and so salty and dry that you can barely eat it.

Anyhoo, that didn’t stop us from eating it all.

Sunday morning I slept in and then we got ready to head out to pick up my auntie Donna. She looked really good and was just the spitfire I remembered. Once we had her in the car we drove up to Waterville to meet my cousins Dot and Helen at Governor’s restaurant for lunch. Dottie and Helen looked the same as always. It was very good to see them. Dot had a good hand in raising me when I was a kid. My brother and I spent many nights at her house when my parents weren’t getting along.

Governor’s is a Waterville staple. It has amazing food at good prices and has lots of local favorites like Mac and cheese with hot dogs. 🙂 Mom and I ate there quite a bit when I lived here.

It was just as good as I remembered and if I could, I think I would eat there every meal. 🙂 I got the Haddock Au Gratin and Rob got the New England Benedict(brown bread, baked beans, ham and egg with spicy ketchup) but the most interesting part was the deep fried pickles that we got as an apetizer.

The best part wasn’t the food though, it was getting to hang out with my family.

That night we chilled out in front of the TV again and tried to adjust to the time change. Just for fun, I played around with the Priceline app on my iPad. What I found was I could get a three star hotel in Waterville for 80 bucks after taxes and fees. Well, there was only one three star hotel in Waterville and it was going for over a hundred before taxes, so we knew which one it was and since we figured it was time for a break from our stay at moms, we booked it for the next night.

On Monday we woke up and hit the AHOP for breakfast. That is not to be confused with IHOP. This is the Augusta House Of Pancakes. No affiliation, just awesome breakfasts. I got the breakfast pizza and Rob got the Big Bob’s Breakfast.

Once we had full bellies we went back to moms to pack up and kill some time before check in.
On the way to Waterville we stopped at another Must Eat restaurant for the trip: Big G’s.  On the last trip that Rob and I took here there was a little cork board that had some pictures of various people wearing Big G’s shirts and next to that was a rack of the shirts for sale. We bought one each because we love local souvenirs like that. A while later, back home I snapped a pic of Rob playing guitar at the Monterey County Fair wearing that shirt and emailed it over to the restaurant. On this trip it was framed on the wall with an excerpt of the email. Pretty cool.


We both got sandwiches and a monster peanut butter whoopie pie  and headed off to the hotel.


We relaxed our faces off that night. I hit the pool and the hot tub and was in bed early. It was sooooooo nice.

To be continued…

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