Maine Trip Part One

Our latest travel adventure started on Wednesday. We were to take the red eye out that night so we both went to work that day. I’m not a good flier. At All. So I spent all day at work getting more and more nervous about the impending flight. I had pretty much worked myself into a lather by the time I got out of work and we had to drive up to San Jose. Rob’s work ran a little long and with that and the traffic backed up on 68, Rob had gotten himself worked into a different lather about how late we were going to be getting to the airport.

After finally getting on the freeway we calmed down a bit until we missed the airport exit and had to double back around on the other side of the freeway where the traffic was at a standstill. Still, all was fine. We made it to the airport in time to get two seats together on the plane and still had some time to spare.

We had apparently neglected to pick our seats when we first bought the tickets back in April so there had been a chance we weren’t going to be able to sit together on this flight. Since we requested it at the gate we actually got upgraded to the first row which is an “extra legroom” row. It was pretty cool at first until we realized we didn’t have a tray table in front of us. It came up from the armrest and while that might work well for skinny people… *ahem*

It was also right in front of the galley where they prepared the snacks, the pilots entrance was and also where the front lavatory was. That is a lot of activity on a flight where all I wanted to do was sleep.

The flight itself was pretty good and I found myself not nearly as nervous as I thought I was going to be. Once again, just as I was on the drive to and from Gilroy, I was more nervous about BEING nervous. That is so messed up…gotta work on that.

So the five hour flight was pretty smooth. There were little mini tv’s on the wall in front of us so I watched some tv for a while. My eyes started to close after a couple hours so I pulled out my Ipod Shuffle with the white noise on it and put in my headphones but there was no sleep to be had. Everytime I started to drift someone would walk up to the bathroom#I was on the aisle seat# or they would close a loud compartment in the galley. Also, I’m not as young as I used to be and my hips and knees were starting to hurt from being in the seat for so long.

Still, I’m not complaining because I didn’t have any panic attacks and the time passed rather quickly. Once on the ground in Boston, we were faced with a three and a half hour layover. After a small attempt at sleeping in the hard plastic chairs at our gate I decided it wasn’t an option and the dingy carpet didn’t look that inviting so I went off in search of our first Dunkin Donuts coffee of the trip. Cinnamon with cream and sugar. Liquid Candy as my sister in law calls it. After that we just played around on our phones and Ipads until it was time to board the little ten seater prop plane. Last time we took this trip we were the only ones on the flight but this time it was nearly full. Including a well over six foot tall man that just looked at the tiny plane with a mixture of terror and doubt. And he did hit his head a couple of times trying to get in.

That flight was more nerve wracking than the first because it was foggy and cloudy so we couldn’t see anything around us. Thank goodness it was only an hour flight.

We landed on time in Augusta without incident. Mom was already at the airport waiting for us so we grabbed our bags and headed out to the car. From there we made a trip to Hannaford’s grocery store to get some supplies for the trip before we headed back to moms apartment to settle in for a bit. After relaxing for a bit we headed back out to get some lunch at Damon’s after a quick trip to the pawn shop and a music store for Rob to get a guitar to use on the trip.

Back home I was fading fast so Rob inflated our new air mattress that we had delivered to moms apartment prior to our visit. We showered and relaxed for quite a while before hitting the hay very early evening.

After sleeping for 15 hours I woke up refreshed and ready to take on the rest of my vacation. It was already almost eleven so we got dressed and headed out to Friendly’s for some brunch.

Once our belly’s were full we stopped over to Target to get some more supplies we didn’t realize we needed the day before and now we are back home chilling out for a bit. We just made our own pizza from a kit we got at Hannaford’s and now we are going to shower and get ready for the play we are going to see tonight. It’s called “Picnic” and is playing at The Gaslight Theater in Hallowell. I’m pretty excited about that. Even going to get dressed up. đŸ˜€

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