Maine Trip Report Part Two

Okay, so Friday I ended up going shopping instead of going to take pictures. I found the Fashion Bug out here(it’s been moved since I was last up here) and went in search of an outfit for Sherry’s wedding. I found something and a few other somethings and then ran into Sears real quick to get an adapter to play my Ipod in my mothers car cassette player before heading back to mom’s. Once there I proceeded to try and get a nail appointment forgetting about it being a holiday weekend. No dice. I did call the gym and found out that I could sign up for a week for 20 bucks so that was cool.
I ate some leftover Red Barn food and waited for mom to call to be picked up.
Picked mom up around three or so and we headed up to Walmart. I already had my outfit and mom was kind of thinking of wearing something she had at home so it was more of a grocery run. It really shocked me to see the number of spiral perms and female mullets that are still running ramped here in Augusta. I mean, it was kind of okay img_7977when I left…it was 1999. Still way out of style but it was still almost in the 90’s but in 2009?? Wow.
After Wally-world I ran into the gym to sign up for a week and then mom was hungry so we stopped at Sam’s to get some pizza. I got mine to go since I had been snacking on the leftovers that afternoon.
Once we were home we watched some TV and I had a glass of wine that I had gotten at Wal-mart(Lambrusco!) while I set mom up with a Facebook account. I showed her how to work it and retired to my bedroom to read and upload pictures. Mom was still playing around on Facebook by the time I hit the sack. I may have created a monster.
Yesterday I woke up got into my workout gear and hit the gym. I did my couch to 5k program on the treadmill. It is SOOOO much easier to run on a treadmill. Must be the shock absorption or something.
On the way home I stopped at Dunkin Donuts. We don’t have them back home and I miss their coffee badly. I was still hot from my work out so I opted for a coffee coolatta instead. Oh. My. God. I fell in love! It is sweet coffee goodness and I will surely go into withdrawals by the time I have to go home.
By the time I had got home mom had already showered so I followed in her footsteps and we got ready to go to the wedding. My cousin Rocky had facebook messaged me the night before asking if we were meeting them at her mothers house beforehand and caravanning to the wedding. She said they would be leaving around 1:15ish since the wedding was at 2. I said we would be there but if we weren’t there by 1:15 not to worry and to leave without us.
We picked up Tammy(another cousin of mine) around noon and headed to Portland. I decided to drive because…well, my mothers driving makes me nervous. It was probably the longest I have driven in a long time. Yes it was freeway, but not the kind of freeway I am normally scared of. 🙂img_7984
We got to Lee’s at 1:05 and they were all gone. Thankfully it is Maine and no one locks their doors so we were able to use Lee’s house to take a pee break. I took a picture of the clock above Auntie Tee’s fridge to show we were on time and then all three of us stole a homemade chocolate chip cookie from the Tupperware box on the counter before heading back out to Scarborough.
We found the place no problem. It was a campground on a lake. Unfortunately, it has been raining in Maine for the last two weeks and today the rain was also making an appearance. It held out right until we all sat down outside to start the wedding and then the sky opened up.
We were herded under a tarp until it has passed and then us cousins were given a scrap of towel and ordered to go wipe off the chairs while so everyone could take their seats again. Who knew I would have to work for my dinner? 😉
The timing worked out and they were able to get through the wedding with no rain. Sherry looked beautiful in her gown. Her two sons gave her away. It was all really nice.
After we all gathered under the tarp on picnic tables while the wedding party took pictures. It was here that I learned that my cousins have not changed and that you still can’t seat Denny and Tammy next to each other. No good will come of it. It was also here that I realized how much I missed family get togethers because of the very reason that my cousins hadn’t changed.

img_7998       img_7999     img_8003      img_8029

When my grandparents were alive all the family would gather for Thanksgiving and Xmas. Every year. It was a tradition and it was fun. Once Mam and Pap passed on we didn’t do the family social gathering thing much. By we I mean Mom and Shawn and I. I’m sure we were invited to other get togethers but it just kinda dwindled down to us not doing much of anything on the holidays. I don’t think I’ve hung out with my cousins all together like that for at least 13 or 14 years.
It had been far too long. I laughed so much on Saturday it was pretty amazing. I’m not sure how my mom, being as quiet as she tends to be in social situations, came into this family. If she didn’t look like a complete cross between my grandmother and my grandfather I would swear she was adopted. The rest of my family on my mothers side is just as loud and crazy as I am and I love it! 😀
At any rate, the wedding had good laughs, good food, good company and good times were had by all.

img_7986     img_8017     img_8021     img_8024    img_8027     img_8033     img_8032    img_8038
I drove us home and it started to downpour as we got closer to Augusta. We dropped Tammy off and headed home. At this point both mom and I were exhausted and sat down in front of the TV and got all giggly. I thought about having a glass of wine but realized I was so overtired I already felt like I had a buzz so I really didn’t need it. Heh!
I headed to my room, uploaded all my pictures and videos and watched an episode of LOST before reading and going to bed.
That leads us to today.
I have gone to the gym and gotten another Coffee Coolatta. That’s it. Tomorrow I hang out with Naomi and hopefully Tuesday will be Mags and Kim but Kim hasn’t gotten back to me after I left her a voicemail and Katherine hasn’t texted me back so maybe I don’t have as many people to see while I’m here as I thought. 🙂
I think I might go see Auntie Donna this afternoon and see if the Made In Maine shop is open so I can get some gifts for the kids back home.
So that is what is going on so far.

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