Maine Trip Report Part Three

Yesterday turned out to be my not do much of anything day.  I went to the gym and got my Coolatta of course.  I came home and fed the mom and myself and then while mom was napping I headed out to the Turnpike mall to check out the Made in Maine shop(I think I have the name slightly wrong though) to get some gifts for the kiddies back home.  I dropped a cool 100.00 there but I think I got enough for everyone and it saves me from getting the cheesy generic gifts last minute at the airport that cost and arm and a leg.  I got quite a few tee shirts for Rob because they had some really cute ones with Maine sayings on them that he will get a kick out of I think.  Oh and two hats for him.
I also hit up TJ Max because last year I got this really cute pair of platform Mary Janes that I get compliments on all the time but they didn’t have anything that interested me.
On the way home I stopped at Rite Aid to get some Tampons and stuff to treat the blister that I managed to get while running the day before and found another tee shirt for Rob.  🙂
Back home I was hit hard by cramps so I took some advil and later mom ran to Pizza Hut for a quick dinner of breadsticks.  I watched a couple episodes of LOST and went to bed.
The power went off this morning around five.  I know this because the fan that I run at night on me shut off and that was followed by a rather loud popping sound outside.  It wasn’t raining so I’m guessing we blew a transformer or something up the road.  I fell back asleep and when I woke up the power was back on so I’m not sure how long it was out.  I only know that I overslept and it was already noon.  I called the nail place that got good reviews on Yahoo and asked if they had any appointments open today, they did so I showered and boogied on down there.
The first thing she said when she looked at my nails was: “Where did you get these done??” 
I had been afraid of that.  See, I got acrylics for the very first time two weeks ago at a place just a mile from my house.  I had never had them before so I really didn’t know what to expect.  It took two hours and in the end they seemed really thick to me but what did I know, I had never had them before.  Within a week they were pulling up on the edges and by the time I had gone in today they were pretty ratty looking.
The lady just shrugged and went to work.  In a half an hour not only were the edges filled in and perfected but she had also filed down the thickness on the rest of the nails  Now I have realistic looking nails, not thick goopy looking ones.
Of course I *would* find the nail tech that I adore and she is in Maine.  Hmph.
On the way back to Mom’s I stopped and got a Coolatta and a breakfast sandwich for mom and then headed out for Naomi’s.
On the way to her house I had to pass by the new location of the garage that my ex-boyfriend R worked at.  I had no idea if he even still worked there or not but of course I looked as I drove by.  There he was, stepping out from the garage, wiping his hands on a rag.  Only…his hair was grey and short.  Still had the scraggly beard but wait…was he always that SHORT??  Surely he must have shrunk.  I don’t remember him being shorter than me and I *know* he didn’t have that giant gut.  I mean, he had a beer belly but he looks positively 9 months pregnant now! 
I drove on by chuckling to myself.  Of course, I am an older and slightly larger version of the girl he must remember too but it made me giggle to see that time hasn’t been especially kind to him.  😉
I got to Naomi’s and we sat around for a while.  Her two youngest came in and dissected my purse.  I ended up putting a little make up on each of them and letting them play with my IPOD. 

Nae’s husband was kind enough to watch the kids while Nae and I ducked out for some Chinese food at Canton Village.  I’ve been taking Naomi here ever since I can remember.  In fact tonight she mentioned the time I took her and her sister there after getting my 1st paycheck from my first real job.  For some strange reason Nae ended up drinking like 15 sodas that day.  Not sure why but that is what we always remember about it.  Heh.
As we were pulling back into her driveway Naomi shouts: “Oh my GOD Kelly, is that my daughter??”
I pull into a parking space and we both get out to see her two youngest daughters COVERED in mud and sliding down a hill in a makeshift mudslide.
Naomi couldn’t even stay mad as they screamed: “HEY MOM!! LOOK!!!” and took another trip down the hill.  Naomi’s oldest Brianna was free of mud but her clothes were not the same ones she had been wearing when we left.  She admitted she might have been the one to start the mudslide but she had since cleaned up and stopped.
However, seeing that her mother wasn’t completely pissed about it, she asked if she could head down again and there she went.
It was quite funny and I got some video of it as well as some good pictures.
We went inside and rinsed the two youngest before I took off back for home. 
That is where I am, on my second glass of wine and getting ready for a peaceful slumber.
Tomorrow I will be hitting the gym and probably going to see Donna and Terry.  After that I’ll be heading over to Maggie’s where Kim will meet us and we will probably go out to dinner or something.
Sweet dreams all!

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