Of Course I did.

Okay so it’s now less than three weeks away from a quickie girls weekend in Vegas that Paula and I just put together(allegiant air rules!)

It’s going to be awesome, we’re staying in a suite at the Venetian and we have tickets for Thunder from Down Under at the Excalibur(Front row thankyouverymuch).  I just can’t wait!

Well, last night I ordered this arm extender thing for my camera.  It basically makes it so that you can take a picture of you and whoever you are with in front of something without having to ask someone to do it or to look like it’s just your faces in the shot.  This is very exciting to me.  Not just for this upcoming trips but hell, I’m going to carry that thing everywhere!  You know how I am about my camera and taking pictures right?  Now I can actually  be in some of the pictures I take!!


This afternoon I tarted myself up because I was bored and I thought I would take pictures of a couple of different shirts that I was considering wearing in Vegas…you know cleavage bearing shirts and all that.  I was going to send the pics to Paula to see what she thought(she is much more fashion minded than I).

Can you guess what happened?

Instead of using the tripod that I bought months ago and have never taken out of the box, I propped the camera up on the big screen TV.  I’ve done this many times when I have taken a picture of myself with no problems.

Not today kid!  After a couple of shots, I turned it on it’s side to get a lengthwise view and set the timer.  As I posed I watched the camera tumble to the carpet.  I laughed, picked it up and tried again.

This time the camera just beeped at me.  I picked it up and looked at it.  Wait, the lens isn’t supposed to slant off to the side is it?

Yup, I broke the fucking camera!

I’ll say that one more time:  I BROKE THE FUCKING CAMERA!!!

The thing I use almost daily.  I broke it because I was being vain and taking pictures of myself.  I broke it because I was being lazy and didn’t want to set up the tripod.  I broke it THREE WEEKS before my big girls weekend in Vegas!  I broke it less than 24 hours after ordering a really cool accessory for it!

How stupid do I feel?

I fessed up to Rob and surprisingly he isn’t upset.  He said he was never sold on this camera and he is going to take it as a blessing in disguise.

So today we are going to research cameras online and tomorrow, after Rob is done playing the farmers market in Salinas, we will head over to Best Buy and see about picking up a new one.

But seriously…only me!


Oh yeah, and I just broke my temporary crown on my tooth too. Goooo me!

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