Random Rolls of Film=Reflection

Rob wants to go to a movie tonight but I am going to try and convince him not to go.  I am too tired.  The thought of sitting through a two and a half hour movie about killing people really doesn’t appeal to me right now.

The other day Rob found two random rolls of film on the table and dropped them off to be developed.  He surprised me with them on Friday night.  The first roll was half of work people(How old were these pictures? Well Renee and Mike still worked here!) and the other half was Maine in July of 99 when we went out for Mags’ wedding. The other roll was Maine in November of 2000 when took our annual trip and most of that was when we went to the Oakland Legion to see Jeremy’s band play. Some of them are quite funny.

It got me thinking  how much vacations have changed now that we have the digital camera. Before we took pictures miserly, afraid to use all the film on bad pictures and you never knew how the picture turned out until you went to your local photo place and got them developed.  Now with the digital camera we get instant gratification not only with making sure the picture came out okay but just being able to view and post your vacation shots on the internet for your friends to see.  It is truly amazing to me how far technology has taken us.  Not to mention the fact that our digital camera has already paid for itself in film and developing costs!

I so love living in the “gadget” era.

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