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Okay so this morning Brian got an email from his girlfriend Stephanie saying that someone she works with heard that they are going to close our call center down.  I know that sounds very he said/she said but The person she heard this from just happens to be the live in boyfriend of the woman that works under our operations manager.
To cease any more doubts that I am just being a drama queen, about an hour ago a mass email was sent out stating that we are having an “All team meeting” at three today.
Dum de dum dum. The last time we had an all team meeting it was to tell us that they were laying off the logistic and accounts payable departments.
So needless to say this place is a SuperRumorMill right now.  Everyone is freaking out. At this point I am trying not to lose my mind.   I mean, I don’t want to lose my job, but I’m not going to sweat over it until I absolutely have to. I have to admit though that it doesn’t really make me want to run out and do all my work right now. The desire to do my job has been zapped from my body(and let’s face it there was never much desire to work *in* my body)
This company is going under anyway. They are all about finding new little ways to bill the customers for false fees. *sigh*
On a lighter note.  Peanut Butter Shakes from Sonic are the best!  Hey I have to find joy where I can right??


Sixty days.
They gathered us all up in the former A/P department and told us that they were consolidating the call center. Time frame: 60 days.
They told us we would find papers with our managers that would give a date on it. That date is our last day. Some people’s last days will be as soon as Friday but they will be paid for the 60 days.
After the meeting our manager pulled us all into her office and let us know that we don’t have papers. Mainly because corporate doesn’t know what to do with us. We will be on for longer than sixty days but they don’t know how much longer. Corporate thinks that we do a better job than the other offices but they don’t know if they can keep us in the Western division.
So, while I am going to keep my job longer than most in this call center, it doesn’t matter to me.  Either way, they are going to break up our little family.

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