Reno Trip Report

Friday I left work at two and Rob drove me to San Jose to catch my flight. I got there way too early only to find that the flight ahead of mine at the gate was seriously delayed. As a result ours was delayed about fifteen or twenty minutes but it really wasn’t that bad.
The flight was full and we were told by the pilot that the weather in Reno was windy so the flight was going to be quite bumpy.  I did the best I could not to grab the leg of the guy sitting next to me every time the plane bounced around and managed quite well.  Goooo me!
It was a thankfully short flight and we touched down only a little bit late. I got my suitcase from baggage claim and called Renee’s cell. She gave me her location and I went out to meet her and James to drive us over to our glamorous Day’s Inn Hotel off of the freeway.

We got up to the rooms and had a couple of drinks in my room. Renee got a call from her friend Ed so we just chilled and I got online while they talked to him. After they hung up, we played with Renee’s new hot pink camera for a bit before calling a cab to Circus Circus as the front desk told us that was the closest casino.
I’m pretty sure the cab driver ripped me off five bucks but I can’t be sure and I was too excited to care at the time.
Into Circus Circus, we hit the ATM for James and Renee and then settled in at some nickel and penny machines.  After donating some money to the Reno economy there we headed upstairs, over to the Silver Legacy. James said he wanted to find a bar(not a club) so we headed to the El Dorado casino and settled in at a bar on some video poker machines.
Several drinks later, Renee’ was getting tipsy and bored so we went in search of machines. I’m pretty sure we were still at the El Dorado at this point. Renee started to get really sleepy so we decided to call it a night and caught a cab over to the Denny’s across the street from our hotel. James and I ordered the chicken fried steak with onion rings while Renee’ opted for buffalo wings and salad.
Up to my room we divided up the food and then Renee’ and James headed back to their room to eat and go to bed.

It was late but I checked to see if Rob was online anyway, he wasn’t so I uploaded the pictures I had taken that day and night and made a little video but for some reason youtube wasn’t letting me upload it. I discovered later it was the hotel internet, it wouldn’t let me upload anything anywhere. A serious bummer for someone like me that likes to blog every day with pictures and video while on a trip.
So I made a video of the fact that I was unable to update and went to bed.

On our second and final full day in Reno I woke up around ten and got online to talk to Rob. We chatted for awhile and I told him how the night had gone. After about fifteen minutes I dragged my tired ass into the shower and got dressed. A few minutes later Renee’ called and asked if I wanted anything from Starbucks. I said sure and she came over. She said James was still trying to wake up and she was hoping the coffee would help. I brushed my hair and we hopped in her car.
The directions the front desk gave her were a little off but we managed to find it after a detour.

Back at the hotel we went our separate ways and I talked to Rob some more on the computer. I made him put Pappy on the webcam so I could get get my puppy fix and then James and Renee’ eventually came back over. We called a cab and headed over to Circus Circus to hit the midway. That was my only request of the trip and Renee’ wanted to as well.
We played a lot of games, won some little stuffed animals, and saw some high fliers.

After about an hour we had gotten our fill of screaming children and headed upstairs to find something to eat.
We settled on a snack bar/pizza/deli kinda place and I wasn’t that hungry but when I spied a corndog on the menu I decided I needed to.
We ordered, reviewed our stash of prizes and ate. When we were done we hit some more slots at the Silver Legacy. I told them my plan of leaving at 7:30 to go back to the hotel. I had a flight to catch at 8:40 in the morning and I knew if I stayed out drinking and gambling all night there was no way I would make it. Renee’ seemed disappointed but she understood.
She asked me if there was anything fun other than gambling that I wanted to do before I left and I mentioned the artist I had seen on the way to the El Dorado. I thought it would be cool to get our caricatures done. So we headed over there and discovered the artist wouldn’t be back until six thirty so we found a gift shop to get souvenirs for my bitches back home.
After that we dicked around and played some more penny slots but I was losing feeling for it. I was tired and kinda bored with the games already. I was of course loving the company and the laughter but didn’t want to waste any more money on the machines.
At six thirty we headed up to the artist place and waited for him. When he arrived we asked him to do the three of us without a theme and he said no problem.
He started with me and then James and finally Renee’. It was so fun and amazing to watch him turn all these different random shapes into a face.
We drew quite a crowd and got a good laugh from them when the artist drew Renee’s cleavage. Heh!

When we were done I felt happy and wanted to leave it on a good note. It was seven fifteen and I told them I was heading back to the hotel. We hugged and I caught a cab to the Days Inn where I ordered some Chinese delivery and tried to contact Rob on MSN video chat. When the camera came up it was actually Marc sitting in front of the camera. That was kinda funny. So since Marc was over Rob didn’t have the time to chat with his wife that was away so I uploaded my pictures and videos while keeping the webcam on so I could hear them talking(they were good boys and didn’t say anything bad. heh.). My Chinese food arrived so I snacked on that while I worked on my youtube videos until Marc left and it was okay for my husband to talk to me again.
We chatted until ten I think and then Rob warned me if I didn’t get to bed I would be very tired in the morning.
I packed up what I could and then fell asleep watching a random movie on the FX channel.
I had put in for a wake up call but ended up waking up about a half an hour before.
I showered, dressed and packed the rest of my stuff before calling and waking Renee'(who hadn’t gotten in until two or three that morning) and going over to their room to drop off her stuffed animals and hug them goodbye.
On my way out of my hotel room I noticed it was snowing. Fairly lightly and not sticking to the ground but it was snowing. I hadn’t seen snow in at least six years and it was weird how familiar it felt walking outside to the registration office. Like I had just been in it last winter. Weird…but nice.
I checked out and called a cab. Fifteen minutes later I was at the airport and facing a massive line to check in. I was already running late(shocker!) but it didn’t take that long to get checked in(I was already checked in online but I had to print a boarding pass and check a bag). Once that was done I headed to security and found a line about three times as long as check in. That took quite a while but thankfully I wasn’t stopped for extra screening and made it to the gate to find everyone already in line.
I needn’t have panicked because apparently the plane wasn’t even there yet and was delayed due to the weather.
When all was said and done and we were on the plane and the plane was de-iced we were in the air about a half an hour or so late. The flight was really bumpy and I didn’t like the fact that we were in a fog of clouds the entire time but we did manage to land safely and although the bags were delayed I didn’t care because I was safe on the ground and ready to go home.
I called Rob when I had my bag and waited out in the rain under a canopy for him to pick me up.
Safe in the PT we cruised on our way home. We stopped in Morgon Hill for groceries and then made a bee line for our house.
I was so happy to see my dogs and cuddled Pappy for a good ten minutes on the couch while Rob brought the groceries in.
I was home by one o’clock and spent the rest of the day getting my videos ready and uploaded to youtube since the stupid Days Inn internet never let me all weekend.
I had a lot of fun. It was a very short trip but very relaxed and fun. I’ve really missed those two so it was really nice to spend time with them no matter how short the time was.
I really think it is something we should do every four months or so just to blow off steam and reconnect but I doubt my finances will allow it.
One thing for sure is next time it will NOT be in winter. I guess poor Renee’ and James got stuck in the snowstorm on the drive home and a three hour trip turned into a whole lot longer.
Speaking of bad weather, I woke up this morning to find that we had no phone line. No phone line means no DSL…No internet…OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!! NO INTERNET???? WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT??? YOU BETTER BE JOKING!!!
But of course he(Rob) wasn’t.
I called the phone company when I got to work and they said that it sounded like a power surge. So when we get home we have to unplug everything from everywhere and wait five minutes then replug everything in and try again. If it doesn’t work we’ll have to go outside to get cell coverage to call the phone company back again to try another approach.
So this entry might not even go up for another day or so and I think I will cry if I am without internet for that long…
Wish me luck!!

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