16 Days

It’s not like me to just pick up and go, but in 16 days, I’ll be moving to California.

The reasons behind the move are simple.  Rob hates his job.  He had already given his notice before we even decided to move to Cali.  Last month when we visited Rob’s parents to attend his 20 year high school reunion he voiced this to his parents.  They asked if he would think about relocating, he said sure.  They said would you want to rent out G’pa’s cabin and that was all she wrote.  We are packing up the PT and hitting the road on August 1st.

We listed our house on Friday and on Monday night we accepted a bid that was 10,000 dollars higher than what we listed at.  We will close on the 28th.  The movers are coming on the 26th to get all our crap and move it.  My last day is the 29th so we are going to camp out in a dog friendly hotel for two days before we head out.  Works for me since there is a swimming pool.

Rob’s last day is this Friday.  The girls that he works with are being total bitches about it too.  Really mature stuff like just ignoring him.  You would think that after working together for 12 years his boss would be able to rise above it and be happy for him but no.  I can’t wait til he’s done with that place!!

We managed to pack up our whole house over the three day weekend.  We gave away our couch and most of our furniture.  Our living room has one recliner that we will leave behind, my laptop stand and the big screen TV.  That’s it.

The hallway and front room are filled with boxes.  It’s very weird being at my house right now.

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