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It has taken me until the age of 34 years old to discover the joys of a little thing called a Library.

Rob has been telling me for several years that I really needed to get a library card. Mostly because I have a tendency to go into a book store and drop an alarming amount of cash. Every time I hit a Borders, he reminds me again that a library card is free.

A couple of weekends ago I had just taken the dog to get his nails trimmed so I was only a block away from the local library here in the village. I decided to drive by and if there were cars in the parking lot, that I would stop in. There were so I did.

The familiar, slightly musty smell reminded me of the local library that we brought the kids to when I was in my teens and worked for a preschool. Back then it was torture to have to hang out there for three hours when I could be home watching TV, but I was getting paid so that made it okay. Now I was seeing this place with the adult eyes of an avid reader and I was instantly in love.

Granted the town I live in is pretty small and the selection was limited but I was able to pick up a good mystery and a CSS instructional book. As I signed up for my card and checked out my books I discovered that libraries have come a LONG way since I was a kid.

The woman handed me some paperwork and explained that there was a website that connected all of the libraries in Monterey County and I could search for whatever book/audio book/DVD that I want and request it. If it was available, they would ship it to my local branch and then call me when it was there so I could come in and pick it up.

Today alone I have saved over 100 bucks when I picked up two audio books and two more mystery novels, and I have season 3 of LOST requested(it is back ordered). ALL FOR FREE!!!!

Now, I am the type to reread books so if I am a HUGE fan of the book I will probably still buy it, but this still saves me mucho bucks on the novels that I just read to fill the time on a rainy day. And Rob and I are really big on listening to audio books on road trips so now I have two cued up in my IPOD right now for our August trip to Vegas.

I can’t believe I have waited so long to discover the wonderfulness that is The Public Library.

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