The Night the Lights Went Out At Paper Wing

Tonight started much like any Friday night.

I arrived at the theater, put on my make up and hung out for a while. I had been in a bad mood and as usual the humor of my cast mates cheered me up.

Nothing seemed out of place. We headed out to the stage for our vocal warm ups and our stretches. There was a mic check. All seemed to be going according to plan.

We were waiting for our director to come out and give us our usual pow wow(pep talk) before we opened the doors for the audience when all of a sudden the power flashed off. It came right back on so we all laughed about how that would have sucked to have the power go out when it flashed off again.

Our director Koly appeared and let us know she was going to call the electric company but that should that happen again during the show we would have to have some flashlights handy so we can escort the audience out in a safe environment.

Aaaaaaand that is when the power went out for good.

Turns out the power blew out on the whole block.

There was some talk of ghost stories and campfires and that sort of thing but it soon became apparent the power wasn’t coming back on anytime soon.

With a line of people already waiting outside to come in and enjoy the show, I don’t think there was ever a doubt in Koly’s mind that she wasn’t going to be able to give these people the show they wanted to see. She went into damage control mode. People were dispatched to find a generator and she went out to let the crowd know the show would go on it would just be a little late.

There were some snags in getting the generator but eventually it was procured and brought to the theater. After much hard work from the cast and crew it was up and running and the show went up an hour later than normal with full sound on the band, a spotlight and the microphones. That was it.

And the crowd loved it!!!

Backstage, we managed with flashlights and laughter. It’s not easy to change into your costume and do your make up in the dark but our cast managed not only with minimal complaints but an overall great attitude about being involved in such an epic experience.

At the end of the night everyone had given it their all and it paid off “in abundance”! The audience was happy, the cast and crew were exhausted but proud of what had been accomplished and the night was over.

As was quoted by a member of the cast, Lucas: “Where there is a Wing, there is a way.”

I am soooooo blessed to be a part of this production.

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