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So I started the HCG diet.
If you feel the need to leave a comment and tell me dangerous that is or how no one can possibly live of 500 calories a day, please move your cursor 0ver to the google search bar, type in “Judgmental Asshole” and press the search button to kindly leave my page.  Ktnxbye!
I did three loading days instead of two and didn’t gain so that was pretty cool.
I started the VLCD(very low calorie diet) on Monday and have been doing okay.  A little cranky the first day but not really hungry. Yesterday I the mistake from upping my drops so I could only take them twice a day instead of three times a day and I was starving most of the afternoon. I switched back to three times a day today and it s been much better.
As of this morning and two days on the program, I nave lost 3.6 lbs.
What I have discovered most of all in starting this diet is how many people love to tell you how you are going to fail And if you don’t fail, how you are going to kill yourself trying.
I’ve been told repeatedly how no one can possibly live on such a small amount of food without that person knowing anything about the diet itself.  What they really mean is that THEY couldn’t bring THEMSELVES to sacrifice their burgers and fries to follow a low calorie diet.
And let’s not forget how DANGEROUS it is to eat so little.  To which I want to point out that I’ve been sticking my finger down my throat a lot again lately…should I go back to that?  Is that better for me?  But I can’t say that.   I can only admit that to the anonymity of the internet and a small and close group of friends.
Of course if I really want to admit to myself the truth, it isn’t all about the diet.   More about how people are proving to me that there is a reason I tend to distance myself from others. You open up to people and you get let down. You let people into your world and realize that people in general are just self centered jerks that don’t really care about what is happening in your life.  They just want to know so they can spread some gossip or laugh about your predicament behind your back.  Either that or they only contact you when they want something.  Be it a favor, something of material value or simply just supplying information that you have or can obtain for them.
I am aware that that statement is a huge generalization but it’s been proven to be true more often than not lately so take that any way you would like to.
Anyhoo, I’m gong to start updating my diet blog with my observations on the HCG diet so if you are interested or curious you can hop over there and check it out.
The rest of this was just pretty much a rant but hey. its my blog and I’m allowed to rant here if I want right??

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