The Puppy Diaries — Day Two, The Cuteness Continues…

Woke up this morning to the double dose of doo doo in Shilo’s crate that I mentioned in the last entry.  I cleaned off the blanket and popped it into the washer and took the pup into the bed with me while Rob got ready for work.

I got up around eight and wrote the last blog entry before getting ready and heading to the vets with little Shilo.

She really didn’t like riding in the car without being secure in someones lap but I wrapped her up in my sweatshirt and since it was only a mile to the vets office she did pretty good.

I LOVE our vets office.  Mostly because they all love Pappy so much and well, who wouldn’t.  But they were also really great when we made the decision to put Romie down.  They know us by face even when I don’t recognize them and always make us feel like they really care about our pets.

They got us right in and did what they needed to do.  The start of three series of vaccinations, a nail trim and also some deworming meds for her that I am supposed to administer tomorrow.

She weighs three and a half pounds and seems to be in good health.  She had a little scabby sore on her side when we picked her up yesterday but the vet just picked it off and declared it was healed underneath.  The vet said Shilo should be about 12 to 15 pounds at her target weight.

Since I brought her home, I have fed her twice with no problems and had two successful outside pees.  No poops yet but I’m sure that is coming.  She napped a lot as she had a very hard day, but she and Pappy have had a couple of runs around the living room.  No wrestling yet, mostly her chasing him and him not knowing quite what to do but run.  I’m pretty sure he’s scared because she is so little and he doesn’t want to hurt her.  She has backed down every time he turned on her with a bark.  This is just so much like when we introduced Romie and Pappy, it’s comical.

She has been really good at not getting into too much trouble while I was cooking dinner.

I came in from running upstairs really quickly and caught her playing by herself with a small leaf.  She would take the leaf in her mouth and throw it to the side before immediately jumping on it and starting the process all over again.  Playing catch with herself.  So CUTE!  Romie used to do this in Arizona with a tennis ball.

So far so good.  She is tucked in again by my side for a nap.  She seems to have a span of a half an hour of playing or running around followed by a two hour nap.  Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

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