The Puppy Diaries — Day Three

Having a new puppy that will scour the floor looking for any little particle to put in her mouth has vastly improved my house cleaning skills.  I never used to be a vacuum the carpet every day kind a gal but I’m discovering running a quick cleaner over the carpet beats chasing a 3 pound speed demon around the living room trying to remove a leaf from her mouth.

She is quite the little explorer.  She wants to see EVERYTHING and she wants to put said everything in her mouth.  And chew.

“No!” is her favorite game.  To her the rules mean that whatever I am doing when Mom screams NO means I need to stop for one second, look at her and then continue what I was doing with even more vigor than I was before.

Whining is another pastime she enjoys.  Usually while she is in her crate in any state other than sleep.  The louder the better.

Don’t get me wrong.  She is a little love.  When she is done trying to attack innocent toes and chew on computer wires she is perfectly content to curl up in your lap in a tiny little ball and sleep or just stare up at you with adoring green eyes.

She has had several successful outside pees.  The secret is to catch her right as she is coming out of the crate.  If you wait even a second, she will run off and pee as soon as she gets away from you.  However, if you get her in time and put her outside she will sniff around a bit and squat.

She and Pappy have just started in the last two days to spar a little bit.  She has been wanting to play with him from day one but he just keeps looking at me as if to say: “But Mom, she’s so small!  Can I really jump around with her??”  Now he’s trying to feel her out and is getting more comfortable with jumping back at her when she approaches her.

Much like having a newborn I have been getting up in the wee hours of the morning to let her outside and then lay with her a bit to get her back to sleep.  She’s very small and her bladder isn’t very big.  It would be unreasonable to expect her to hold her water for more than three or four hours and since we don’t want her going in her crate, that is the option.

Rob said he got her to give her first poop outside this morning so that is promising even if she did poop inside tonight when I got home.  It was my fault for not noticing her sniffing around.

I gave her the first dose of her deworming meds right after that so I’ll be watching her closely so she doesn’t get near her poop in case there are worms.

Fascinating blog entry, no?

Alright, on to the cuteness!!

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