Internal War: To Play Or Not To Play…

Inner Me: “Wait, you want to get involved in a play again?  Weren’t you just saying how glad you were it was over?”

Me: “Yes, but that was so intense.  And it was over for a month or so and maybe I’m ready to start again…”

Inner Me: “But  weren’t you sick twice in the time of the last play?  You are NEVER sick!”

Me: “Yes I was, but it all worked out didn’t it?”

Inner Me: “But you got so run down!  You were physically and emotionally exhausted!”

Me: “And?  As apposed to sitting on my couch doing nothing?”

Inner Me: “Give me one good reason why you would want to get involved in another play…”

Me: “I went to the rehearsal today and it felt like home.”

Inner Me: “… I got nothing.”

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