The Puppy Diaries — Trip To The Pet Store

I finally made it to the pet store today.

Pappy is such a low maintenance dog that we really didn’t have any toys in the house.  Certainly no chew toys.  Pappy’s never been much of a chewer unless he was confined in some way and had to chew his way out(learned that lesson by tying his leash to the table leg when we first brought him home and didn’t have a crate.  Woke up with him in the bed with us and the remains of his tattered leash around his neck.)

We stopped at a tiny pet store in PG right after we picked her up to get a crate and and puppy food.  They were nice enough to give us samples of the bed food to get us by until we could get to a grocery store, but that was all we got.

Today Rob was home so I was able to head out to get the grocery shopping done and since there was a pet store right next to Safeway I was able to pop in and get a bunch of chew toys, food, a collar, leash and okay, a couple of cute little sweaters for her.  Yes, I am *that* kind of dog mother.

She was napping when I got home but soon woke up.  I put her new pink collar on her and she spent the next ten minutes itching it and rolling around on her back trying to remove it with no luck.  I then gave her one of her new chew toys and BOY was she happy!!!

She still wants to chew the carpet, the couch, my hair and such but it is so nice to be able to give her an alternative rather than just saying no and taking things away from her.  Plus, it’s kind of hard to take the couch away from her.

She does NOT like her leash but she looks to be very trainable.  All the things they taught me when I took Pappy to Petsmart training are coming back to me.  🙂

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