The Puppy Diaries — One week later.

So we’ve settled into a routine with the new pup.  She comes to work with me in her crate and stays in the back of the PT.  She has her pink snuggie blanket and toys and I go out periodically for pee breaks and walks.  Everyone at work just adores her of course and with good reason.  She gets a little overwhelmed meeting so many new people at once that want to love on her but she’s doing well.
We are learning all her traits and signals for when she has to go the bathroom.  We’ve had surprisingly few accidents in the house.  We know when that she has to be scooped up immediately upon exiting her crate in the morning because she will squat and pee anywhere at this stage in the game.
Also, any time she starts circling in her crate and clawing at the padding she has to poop.  Learned that one the hard way but now we know.  🙂
She is gotten so much better at settling down in the crate at night and going to sleep instead of whining.  Now if she whines we know it means she has to go potty but she’s also been really good at holding it overnight.
Pappy has been very standoffish with her since we brought her home.  Which is unfortunate for Shilo because she wants to play with him SO BAD!  She keeps running up and nipping at him and getting on her hind legs trying to bat him in the head.  He’s pretty much just been growling at her and letting her chase him off.  He usually runs to the top of the couch because he knows she can’t reach him up there, and then he barks out the window pretending to see a squirrel but really just voicing his displeasure at the little gal.
Last night Rob brought Pappy’s crate home from where he had it at work and he seemed to really like having a little place to go to get away from her.
This morning when we got up and everyone had been fed and done their business the dogs started to play.  For real playing.  No growls, just playful jumping and wrestling.  It was like Pappy finally realized he wasn’t going to break her.  He had to feel her out for a couple of days and now he’s cool with her since he has his crate to get in when he’s sick of her.
It was such a relief to see them getting along.  What we have noticed this week is that whether he realizes it or not, Pappy is teaching her his mannerisms.  He has taught her how to growl and how to stand on her hind legs.  She also now follows him in the kitchen and stares up at whoever is in there just like Pappy does.  She doesn’t know why she does this because people food has no effect on her yet, she’s never had it and has no interest in it.  However she sees him do it and figures it must be the thing to do.  So cute.  She has a way to go with the training but she really is doing remarkably well.

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