Time to be me.

I’ve had a sinus issue for since mid April.  That would be a little over two months of not being able to breathe through my nose.  It never turned into a cold, I never started blowing green chunks out of my nose…in fact I didn’t blow out much anything at all.  I was just congested.  Pretty much completely blocked up 98% of the time.  Sleeping was next to impossible, my throat was constantly dry and cracking because I had turned into a permanent mouth breather.

No I didn’t go to the doctor.  The only thing the doctor would do would be to prescribe me antibiotics and thanks to my finger infection I am already immune to two different kinds thanks!  Besides it wasn’t enough to keep me out of work or anything like that, it was just REALLY FREAKING ANNOYING!

After a while it got me into a funk.  I was depressed again.  My body actually started hurting from the repetative attempts to sniff air through my nasal passages.

Last week I started myself some general health supplements that the person I work for recommends.  Just because I’m getting up there in age and forty is just around the corner you know…

This weekend I noticed that I could breathe.  Now, there has also been a major shift in climate here.  We’ve gone from our normal weather to hot and humid and that is very unusual for us.  So I don’t know if it is the vitamins or the weather or neither one, but holy crap I can breathe again!!!!!

*Quickly knocks wood*

So now I am sleeping better and feeling over all amazing in comparison to the crap that I felt like for the last two months.

The whole time I was miserable I took the attitude that I could eat whatever I wanted and didn’t need to exercise.  I felt like crap, might as well look like crap.

So now it’s time to reign that shit in.  I had never actually financially quit weight watchers so today I’m starting back up on the points plus program and I’m going to get serious.

I have no theater in my immediate future so there is no reason why I can’t start planning my meals and cooking at night and on the weekends for the week.

I feel good, so why not feel better?

I even started writing again.

I’m working chapter three of a novel I’m hoping to publish.  I know nothing about publishing but I’m going to look into it if I ever get the book done just to say I have written a book.  It’s always been a dream of mine.

Things are looking up in my neck of the woods and I’m glad.

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