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So I don’t know if I really blogged about it before other than mentioning it in passing but Paula and I are hitting Vegas this weekend for a little girls weekend of fun.
I got an insanely good deal at the Venetian so I finally get to stay there!  That just puts me over the moon!  I’ve wanted to stay there for so many years and now I finally get to.
We got the cheap flights out of Monterey so we leave on Friday and come home on Sunday.  So it’s going to be another really fast trip but I’m pretty stoked.  You can’t tell that can you?
Tonight I’ll try and see how much clothes I can stuff into the laptop backpack and my big purse.  They charge you 35 bucks to check a bag so I’ll see if I can make due.  Last time I had my own backpack but Rob said the laptop case is quite roomy.  We’ll see.
In other news the fires are still raging near my house.  According to my friend Meegs who is friends with a firefighter out here we shouldn’t be in any danger but it was so creepy this morning.
The smoke was hanging low in the air and as we drove in towards the village the only thing passing us was a long string of fire trucks.
I’m a little worried about leaving for the weekend.  If Rob has to evacuate while I’m gone I’m sure he’ll be fine but I’ll feel pretty helpless.  I think I might put together a box before I leave of things I want him to take in case.
Hmmm.  Good idea.
Not much else going on around my neck of the woods.  Vegas in August is shaping up to be a whirlwind trip of lots of things to do and people to see.  I’m so happy that DD and Alan are coming out to see us!  Our friends Chad and Denise will also be in town for a night.  We haven’t seen them since Glenn’s wedding in 2001 so that will be cool.  Plus of course my mom and we’ll hang out with Marc and Jenna again and finally get to meet Baby Cooper.  He was still in Jenna’s belly last year when we saw them.  🙂
I’m very much looking forward to that trip as well.
In September I’m heading back to Maine for the first time since I think 2002.  I’m looking forward to being there but not getting there.  The flight is divided into three legs and I’m taking the red eye out.  My hope is that I’ll get to sleep during the middle flight since that is like 5 hours.  If I get to sleep on the plane it’s kinda like gaining an extra day.  That has always been my biggest gripe about flying back home.  You lose two days just in traveling.  At any rate the I haven’t traveled for this length of time by myself since I left for AZ in 1999…and if I remember right I was sucking down airline bottles of booze to help ease my fears.  🙂  I don’t think my mom would appreciate coming to pick me up and finding me staggering and reeking of booze.  Heh.  I guess that is what Xanax is for eh?

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