Well, we are here in fabulous Las Vegas and wow are we having fun!!!

We were planning on leaving work at one yesterday but because the office staff was going to be short that afternoon our boss declared everyone leave for lunch at 12 and come back at one.  Since we were leaving at one that meant we get to leave an hour early.  I didn’t complain.

Rob picked us up and dropped us off at the airport where Jenn and her daughter Maddie met us for lunch.  We enjoyed a nice meal and then it was off to go through security where they ran my purse about a thousand times before finding out that my little mono-pod for my camera was not a shotgun.

The flight was okay until the decent of course.  I knew that it would be bumpy because of the heat but even the two glasses of wine I drank couldn’t stave off a minor panic attack.  Paula was a doll and kept making me laugh so I couldn’t get too worried.  In the end she said it was helpful to her that I was a basket case so she couldn’t be.

Finally we were on the ground and after a quick stop at baggage claim to get Paula’s bag we were off and onto the shuttle in no time.  In the back of the shuttle with virtually no air conditioning, Paula and I melted a little until we got to the Venetian and checked in.

Up in the room we took two mini vodkas out of the mini bar and had a cocktail while we relaxed a little from the flight.  We were giddy with our freedom to put it mildly.  It’s not that our husbands are overbearing by any stretch of the imagination but the word frugal comes to mind.  Had they been there they would have reminded us that a quick trip to the liquor store downstairs would have given us more bang for our buck and probably would have cost less than the two tiny bottles and can of soda we took out of the bar.  And they would probably be right, that is not the point.  The point was that we were on vacation and if after a bumpy flight we wanted to relax with an expensive cocktail in the room, then dammit, we deserved it.

Because our flight was late and the shuttle took forever we didn’t have the time we wanted to go gamble a little so we just got tarted up and headed out to the Excalibur for the Thunder From Down Under show.

Once at the casino we got a quick drink and got our tickets from will call before settling in at a bar so we could smoke.

Finally they opened the doors and we took our seats at the first table and waited.  There were tons of bachelorettes there so that was fun to see them all dressed up.

I was a little worried because the theater was so small looking.  On the advertisements they made it look like a huge auditorium and it was really just the size of a small club with an average to small stage.

Having said that, I ate my words when they guys took the stage!  Wow!  Not only are these boys HOT, but they are fabulous dancers and everything was so polished and co-ordinated.  The energy was through the roof. And I needn’t have worried about the small stage because they kept leaping off of it and dancing on our tables., running through the crowds, grinding on the ladies.

I can’t express how much fun this was.  I highly recommend it to any gal that wants to have a good time and be thisclose to some prime eye candy.  The only bummer about this show is that you can’t take pictures.  No pictures but you are fully encouraged to touch the men.  Anywhere you want to.  Heh.

At the end they invite everyone to come on stage and have your pictures taken with the boys (for a fee of course)  and while we wanted to do that, we realized we’d probably be in line for another two hours if we did so we opted out.

Instead we found a liquor store and stocked up on booze, soda and snacks before cabbing it back to our hotel where we changed into our PJ’s and had some cocktails.  It had been such a long day so we decided we would just stay in and fiddle on the computer, having drinks and relaxing.  And that is just what we did.

Twice during the night there was some commotion in the hallway that woke us up but other than that it wasn’t a bad sleep.  We woke around eight and got ready for breakfast.

That is when Paula and I met Joey Buttafucco.Okay, it wasn’t REALLY Joey Buttafucco but he sure looked like him!  He had on a white wife beater with his massive amount of grey chest hair showing through the top, a pair of running shorts and some cute white socks with black bunnies or something similar on them, pulled all the way up with his sneakers.  Now that I think about it, I’m not sure he was as much Joey Buttafucco as Pauly Walnuts from the Sopranos.  Either way, you get the idea.

He came down on the elevator with us, it was around nine in the morning.  He mentioned that us girls were up early.  We laughed and said we were starving because we had drank our dinner.  He told us that he tried to place a sports bet the night before but they told him he couldn’t.  That is why he was up at the ungodly hour of nine in the morning.  He started advising us where to go to breakfast, but we told him where we wanted to go and he followed us down in the second elevator to the casino floor, telling us about how the other food place was closer but the one we wanted had a better selection.

When we reached the casino floor he asked us if we knew where to go and Paula piped up: “Yes, we know right were to go!” Even though we didn’t because I’m pretty sure he would have asked to join us once we got there.  Heh.

At  the Grand Lux Cafe we got a nice yummy breakfast.  Paula was a good girl and got the omelet but not me, I was on vacation dammit and got the truckers special.  That is why she is skinny and I am not.

With our bellies full we sat down and some machines and played for awhile.  We both got a morning cocktail(screwdriver for me and a bloody mary for Paula) and played a while longer.  Me breaking even and Paula winning on the dollar slots.

Finally the booze and lack of sleep from the night before hit us and it was back up to the room where Paula played around on the computer and I took a wonderfully relaxing bath in the huge tub while reading my book.  Oh that was just heaven!!  It left me relaxed yet refreshed.

We uncorked a bottle of wine and talked for awhile before we got ready and went to the wax museum.  As usual, it was wonderful.  We took tons of pictures and it was so fun.  Well worth the price of admission even though I forgot my coupons.

After that we stopped off at the pizza place at the food court where Paula was a good girl and got a salad and I got a slice of deep dish.  That is why she is skinny and I am not.

Soon it was time to get all dressed up and go see Phantom of the Opera.  I had seen it once before with Rob on one of our anniversary trips and had just been floored.  Knowing Paula was such a fan of the movie I popped for the tickets so she could see it live.  I knew what an amazing experience it had been for me and I knew she would have the same appreciation.As soon as the curtain was raised she and I were both enthralled in the tale and mesmerized by the costumes and sets.  She said it was one of the best things she had ever seen and I was so glad I was able to give her that experience.

After we got back we had some cocktails in the room and talked a lot.  Deep, meaningful, booze-fueled conversations.  It was cool, but we decided that it was time to go down and gamble more.

We hit a good run on a Sopranos penny slot.  We kept winning but the streak turned bad and we ended up losing.  It was okay though because we had a helluva good time doing it and it lasted a long time.

We decided it was time to pick up some pizza and head back up to the room.  That is where we are now.  Paula has retired to bed and I will follow shortly but I had to type out this blog before I forgot some stuff.

Okay…it’s way late and I need to go to bed.  This has been an amazing trip and I’m so happy we got to go!

And how was your weekend?

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