Visited an old friend today…

tmp215It’s hard to believe that Romie has been gone a whole year.  It seems like just yesterday we made the hardest decision of our lives to have him put down.  But it wasn’t.  It was a year ago that we put him out of his pain and into the afterlife.

When we buried Romie in my in-laws back yard, we used a photo frame as a marker on his grave.  It was a frame that my friend LaShundia’s children had made for us when Romie was alive.  They made one for Pappy too.  They were white bones and in the middle they had put a picture of each dog respectively and written their name with pink puffy paint on the top and bottom.  My father in law mounted the frame on a metal rod and it has served as the perfect marker(with the help of a large see through plastic bag on the top of it. 

The day we buried him, we decided that every Thanksgiving we would come out and visit him and change out his picture for the frame.

That is what we did today.

The ground has grown over nicely.  If not for the marker you wouldn’t even know where to look. 

Rob changed the photo and tried to keep things light, but my tears flowed anyway.  Time has healed.  I didn’t think it would at first.  Last year I thought I would never stop crying.  I thought that the dull ache in my chest would never subside, but it has.  I still think of him often. The difference is that it no longer brings a stab of pain at the loss, but rather a smile at the memory of what a good, silly, stupid and funny dog he was.

We miss you, sweet Romie…and we always will.

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