Who Does That??

I do promise a trip report eventually but since I’m already forgetting the sequence of events it might be a while.

In the meantime I’ll share what happened today at work.

On my morning break I had my breakfast that I had cooked up this weekend.  I was feeling particularly hungry so I microwaved a bag of rice.  You know the kind, they are in the aisle with all the different kinds of rices.  They are in a little pouch, precooked but don’t need to be refrigerated.  Zap ’em for 90 seconds and you are good to go.

I ate half the bag with my breakfast, folded it in in half and placed it in the fridge to eat the other half for lunch with my chicken and green beans.

At one, Paula and I headed off to Walgreen’s instead of walking(bad Kelly!) and picked up a couple of things. When we got back the lunch room was full and there was a line for the microwave but I started getting my stuff from the fridge to get in line.

I grabbed my chicken and green beans and reached for my rice but it wasn’t there. Hmmm…odd. I moved things around and looked behind items thinking someone must have just moved it. Nope. No where to be seen.

Well, maybe I had a brain fart and put it in the other fridge even though I NEVER put anything in that fridge. Checked that one and no sale.

I started to get vocal. It is not an unheard of thing to people eat other peoples food at my work. Unfortunately, it isn’t something that is exclusive to my place of employment. I have seen evidence of this happening at pretty much every job I have had in my adult life. I don’t understand it and I don’t approve of it and it’s kind of sad that I’ve grown to accept that it happens.

As I’m grumbling about how I can’t believe someone ate my rice people start asking me what is wrong. My response was met with a chorus of “NO WAY!” and “I don’t believe it!”

Finally someone said: “Check the trash! If they ate it they had to throw it away.” So I looked into the garbage and there it was, covered in coffee grounds with the RICE STILL IN IT!

It’s not that I approve of or condone eating someone else’s food at work but I guess if someone is STARVING and has no money or no food…but even then, ask someone! I have no problem sharing my food. But to just take someones food and throw it in the garbage? WTF????? It was neatly folded up and had only been cooked two hours prior. It was plain rice so it’s not like had a smell to it. Why would you do that? I don’t get it!

What did the rice do to you to make you want to throw it in the trash? Was it mocking you? Calling you names? Saying particularly bad things about your family members?



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