2009 — A Year In Review

Here is my annual year in review:

In January of 2009 we found ourselves in Santa Cruz enjoying a small weekend vacation with the dog.  We had a great time on he boardwalk and Pappy was glad to have been included in the weekend away.  🙂

In February, I walked a five K with my friend Julie in Pacific Grove…it was COLD!

March found us in LA for my very first time seeing RENT live.  We also made a weekend out of it, bringing the dog and seeing Universal Studios.   We also met up with Rob’s friends Nina and Will,  but the highlight was RENT.  🙂

In April I discovered the local library, in turn, saving us thousands in my reading habit.  We had a minor scare with Pappy eating an Advil and had to get an emergency vet visit.   The best news of all came from me having my final sedation dental appointment and having 20,000 dollars worth of dental work behind us.

May found us mourning the death of Rob’s G’ma Laura and me participating in yet another five K, this time with my friend Paula.  Also Rob planned a surprise birthday weekend for us and the dog in Cayucos where I finally met a long time friend of his and her family that we had been conversing with for years.

In June, I am not sure what took place because of my lack of blogging and picture taking.  (Hey!  It is how I remember shit okay???)  😉

July was a fun filled month as I flew my happy little butt back to Maine for my cousin Sherry’s wedding and had a blast with all my old friends and family.  It ended with me completing my first ever 10 K in Santa Cruz.

August started off with Pappy not being able to participate in the competition that won him 3rd place last year because of his territorial issues, and ended with our annual trip to Vegas to see mom for our anniversary. 

In September I did yet another five K in Pebble Beach for Rob’s old high school…I managed to shave four minutes off my time from the previous year.

October had me down with the sickness when I caught the flu that everyone at work seemed to have had.  Luckily I recovered in time  for my friend Megan’s wedding and to travel to San Francisco with my friend Julie to see RENT for the second time.  The next day we got to see our friend Melissa finish the Nike Women’s Marathon.

In November we hosted Thanksgiving at our house for the first time ever and it was a low carb theme to stay on my diet.  A success!!  🙂

December had me realizing my greatest fears as I found out that our local college was going to be putting on the play of RENT. 

So that is my year in a very short review.  I hope that next year can be even better and happier and I wish that for you and yours as well.  🙂

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