Waking up this morning did not appear to be unlike any other weekend morning.  I slept in and was awoken when my husband and the dog crawled back in bed.  I woke up slowly playing around with the dog and joking with Rob.  It is how I usually wake up on the weekends and it is a very pleasant way to wake up. 

After wrestling around with the dog I noticed something black hanging from his collar.  We had recently put on a “silencer” for his tags that was also black so I thought maybe it had come loose.  Upon further inspection I noticed something silver hanging on it. 

I was still pretty sleepy so I thought maybe I wasn’t seeing what I thought I was seeing because it looked like a diamond ring hanging on a black Velcro strap.

“What is on his collar?”  I asked as I reached closer and picked up the strap as Pappy wiggled around.

Rob was silent.

“What is it?”  I finally was able to grasp the ring.  There it was.  A simple diamond ring on a silver band.  Gorgeous!

The back story to this is that when Rob and I 1st got engaged, I used a diamond ring that I had found in my grandmothers jewelry box after her passing as my ring.  It was important to me to have that ring but I also used to joke that Rob had gotten off pretty cheap on the the whole engagement ring thing.  🙂

In August of this year Rob and I have been planning to renew our vows for our ten year anniversary. 

As I struggled to get the ring off the Velcro strap Rob said that since he never got me an engagement ring the first time, he wanted to give me this ring in hopes that I would marry him all over again.

I immediately teared up and said YES!  Of  course I would!!!  We both got emotional and he finally had to help me with the strap to get the ring off.  I removed my anniversary ring and put it on my finger.  It is a little snug but actually not a bad fit.  (inspiration to drop a few more pounds.)

I couldn’t believe it!  I had truly not expecting this at all.  I absolutely love it!  Moreover, I love that after ten years together that he would still ask me to marry him all over again.  I mean, we had only known each other for three months when he proposed the first time.  He had no clue what he was getting into with me.  Hehe.  He has no excuse now after living with me for a decade.  🙂

I love him and am more than happy to take him as my husband all over again.

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