The first step

11216245145E0knLI met with my friend Deborah’s daughter Eva tonight.  Eva has been in several plays, most of which have been put on by the college that is putting on RENT.  A while back Deborah had volunteered Eva to help me with my singing and stage fright.  Tonight, I took her up on it.

I was really nervous.  This was my first time singing FOR REAL in front of someone other than my husband in many years….well, other than my mom on the phone this weekend.  🙂

They put in my background music CD and allowed me to face away from them while singing.

What I discovered tonight is that the singing that first note is the hardest.  I was shaking and  sweating the whole way through the song, but I did catch my stride after the first couple of notes.  While I may not have sung them all perfectly, I kept going.  There was a problem with me singing the bridge because it has a funky part with background singing and lead vocals but I did the best I could and managed to finish the song fairly strong.

And you know what?  Once I had done it, once it was over, it was just that.  Over.  Three little minutes.  Three little minutes make me THAT nervous??  I was almost on a high after it was done.

We sat down and Eva gave me some tips and pointers.  I have too much vibrato in my voice.  I’ve always thought that to be so but no one has ever said anything about it until tonight and I’m glad for it.  She said that she has had the same problem in the past and it is possible to reign it in.  I just have to learn how.  🙂

Overall, I feel that tonight was successful in many ways.  I took the first step in overcoming my fears of singing in public and got not only some positive feedback but some suggestions on how to improve my audition.

I’m very thankful that they allowed me into their home and helped me with something that has been worrying me for quite a while now.

Oh and in case you are wondering, Eva is a fantastic singer and would be a perfect Mimi in RENT.  😀

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