Happy 39th Birthday To Me!

When you are a kid, birthdays are the shit. I mean you count down the days starting seven months ahead because you get to be the center of attention, you get cake and you get gifts! Why wouldn’t it be?
As a teenager you are counting the years til something something important happens. Thirteen means you are officially a teenager. The sweet sixteen means you can get your drivers license and of course 18 means your an adult and can vote. For those of us that didn’t already have fake id’s, 21 means you can buy booze and hit the bars.
After that you start to lose sight of things to look forward to. After 30 most people aren’t looking forward to the milestones of 40 or 50 and the black over the hill balloons that will probably find their way into your celebration.
I can’t remember the last time I had a birthday party. After a while it just didn’t seem important. It seems that as a “grown up” when you spout off about your birthday people see it as a desperate bid for attention. At exactly what age did that happen?
Why is it socially acceptable to shout from the rooftops that your birthday is coming up when you are five but 30 years later it’s not as cute? I’m still celebrating the day I was born. I’m still another year older. I can just no longer count the years one hand…or two for that matter.
If anything I should be celebrating that I’m another year wiser. That I managed to make it this far without completely destroying myself *knocks wood*.
Today I turned 39. After that it’s the big Four Oh. Remember when that was just ancient? It doesn’t seem that long ago.
I’ve come a LONG way from the confused angsty teenager and the rebel in her early 20’s. I’m approaching middle age but look at what I’ve accomplished. As a jaded 20 something I never thought I would get married because “all men are dogs”. Now I will be celebrating 13 years of marriage to a wonderful man this August. I’ve gone from wondering if I would ever be able to afford to move out of my mothers house to being fairly financially comfortable. I’ve gone from an insecure child/teen who always wanted to just be liked to an adult with a wonderful group of friends and family that support me in whatever I do.  I went from a child/teen that only ever dreamed of being a singer and or actress while knowing it could never happen to a woman that might not be famous, but is living out her childhood dream on a stage in Monterey.
So maybe instead of dreading those black balloons, wrinkles and gray hairs to come, maybe it’s time to look at them as achievements.

Okay enough of that…Here’s a recap of my Birthday!
This Saturday is Rob’s dad’s birthday so last night we had a combined dinner out in Watsonville at a place called CHOP’S near the airport. Great dinner and great company. Rob’s sister brought us the most decadent cake I’ve ever had. It was chocolate cake with a caramel filling on the bottom layer and two other chocolate fillings. Plus chocolate frosting and chocolate ganache on top. SOOOOOO GOOOD!!!!!

This morning I got to work and my Paula had bought me the most yummiest breakfast that I wolfed down in no time flat.  Michaelle had made me cupcakes and gave me this super awesome mousepad that had a picture of my doggies on it.(forgot to bring it home, will take a pic tomorrow)

Rob took me out to lunch at the Golden Tee restaurant at the airport.  We split a bowl of clam chowder with a basket of bread and then got the Snicker’s Pie for desert.  Heaven!!

He also gave me the present he got me, which was the most awesome present in all of the awesome world of presents!!

We got home and Rob revealed one last gift.  Another Amazon wishlist gem from my friend Koly.

And as I sat down to write this blog I got the best gift of all.  The one I get every night when I sit down to check my email or facebook.

The gift of Puppy kisses:

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