Wait, where are my clothes???

So um, tonight started just like any other performance night at the theater. They had some sound issues but nothing that concerned me. So around 20 minutes before curtain I headed up to the dressing room and put on my cursed nylons. Once they were on I turned to grab my costume and found empty hangers.
Wait, what?
My wool blazer was still hanging there but all other garments were gone. It was then that I realized that I had taken my clothes home to wash them and they were still sitting in a bag on my record player at home.
I went into full on panic mode. Thankfully a handful of cast mates were with me and talked me down. One cast mate in particular was the person who put the costumes together for the show. She took one look at me with tears in my eyes and sweating and asked what I needed. With only 15 minutes until showtime she just nodded and went off in search of clothing in the costume area.
I am not a small woman so while there are lots of costumes backstage, finding appropriate items that will actually FIT me is no small feat.
With minutes to spare to get me into my wig she had all my replacement costume pieces hanging and ready for me in the dressing room. I was amazed and ever so grateful. It wasn’t perfect but it worked and the audience was none the wiser.
I was also happy for all of the cast mates that rallied around me tonight. I was a bit of a basketcase and it helped so much to have them talking me down and it made all the difference.
I must say though, that the panic attack might have made my performance even better. I felt like my solo tonight was much better than it has been lately. Guess I just need a shot of adrenaline before each performance? Yeah, no…not even gonna chance it. 🙂

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