Not exactly what I had in mind

It is Wednesday night.  For me that means it is Avon night.  This is the night I get my Avon boxes in.  So I plan on watching TV while doling out the goodies and then playing with all the new toys I ordered for myself.

Tonight?  Not so much, the dogs had other things in mind for me.

Last night we baked some chicken in the oven on a rack on top of a cookie sheet.  You know, so all the grease drips onto the cookie sheet and you don’t have to eat it.  We left said cookie sheet on the counter this morning because neither of us had time to clean it up.  We pushed it far back on the kitchen counter and figured it was out of the big dogs reach and therefore safe.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!  Yeah, that’s funny.

We got home and the house reeked of old chicken grease and dog piss and poop.  The cookie sheet was overturned on the kitchen floor and the floor was all sticky.  There were two big piss puddles on the living room carpet along with two piles of poop and two piles of vomit.


Rob picked up the solid waste and I swept and mopped the kitchen floor.  The piss puddle by the TV was quite substantial so I told Rob I’d get out our little carpet cleaner and suck it up.  Rob said okay and moved the big screen TV so I could have better access.

Well, what do we have here?  Apparently Pappy has been having a good old fashion Piss Party every day while we are at work.  I mean, we knew he peed in the house and are trying to figure out how to get him to stop, but had no idea the magnitude of the peeing that was taking place.

The corner of the carpet that was revealed when he moved the TV was just dark orange with pee stains and saturated.  I’m not sure it ever had a change to dry with the little pisser doing his business there so much.

I hauled out the portable carpet cleaner and sucked up the pee.  I was hit with such an overwhelming ammonia smell when I turned on the machine that I almost gagged.  I pulled off all the pieces and found Pappy Piss in every single part of the machine.  I know he had peed around the machine once or twice but this fucker was FILLED with dog piss.

I rinsed everything out and put it back together.  It was so foul, I couldn’t believe it.  I’ve just sprayed the area by the TV and scrubbed it.  I’m letting it soak in and I will suck it all up after I do my Avon.

Yeah, not my ideal night kids!

Okay, now I’m off to do my Avon and watch TV.

Guess who is staying in his crate tomorrow while we are at work??

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